10 Cozy Chunky Knit Blankets and Throws

10 Cozy Chunky Knit Blankets and Throws
Grey chunky knit blanket in bedroom via @megcaris


Chunky knit blankets and throws are a HUGE trend on Pinterest these days! I see them absolutely everywhere. I think the trend first started in Scandinavian homes which would have a chunky blanket lying casually on the sofa. Marianna Hewitt has a gorgeous blush pink chunky blanket on her beige sofa that I featured in a tour of her home.

In my search for one, Etsy seemed to be the most popular place to buy a chunky knit blanket. Now, the prices start low, but they will greatly depend on the size of the blanket you want. Obviously, the bigger the blanket the more expensive they will be.

It was so hard to choose blankets to share because so many of them had phenomenal reviews from buyers – so I ended up picking this selection based on colors! :)

White Chunky Knit Blanket via Adore Home

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  1. Bobbi 8 months ago

    I love chunky knit blankets! They’re a great way to add some texture to an interior and they’re oh-so-cozy.

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