What is a Console Table?

Console tables are elegant and functional pieces of furniture that can add style and practicality to your home’s decor. Though console tables have been around since the 1600s, they’ve recently gained popularity and made a major comeback in interior design.

Today I’ll discuss what exactly a console table is, look at the history and origins of these versatile tables, examine their different styles and purposes, and share tips on how to utilize console tables in your own home to maximize their benefits.

A console table is often one of the most underutilized pieces of furniture in both traditional and modern interior design, but they have so much to offer if used creatively.

Read on to learn all about how to implement console tables to enhance your home’s decor and functionality.

What is a console table? A console table is a long, narrow table typically placed against a wall or behind a sofa. Console tables provide a functional surface for displaying decorative objects while also serving as a space divider. Interior designers often use console tables to add visual interest, complement room style, and maximize limited space.

Console tables are tall tables at about 30-33 inches high. They tend to be taller than coffee tables, but a bit lower than counters. This height will allow most people to comfortably reach the table without bending over.

Where to Put a Console Table

There are so many different areas you can place a console table in your home. Here are a few common ideas.


A console table is the easiest piece of furniture you can put in your entryway. It can serve as a catch-all place to drop things off when you get home. You can also keep important things on it to ensure you bring them along the morning after or the next time you are supposed to leave the house.


Long or wide hallways can feel bare without a console table. Adding a console table with a table lamp can add some charm to an otherwise boring hallway in your home. It’ll also help brighten up the space!

Behind the Sofa

Lots of people opt to cover the boring backside of their sofa with a console table. You can display family photos, decorative accents, books, table lamps, and more on the surface. This is a smart way to decorate your living room while adding storage.

Dining Room Wall

Instead of a buffet, an easy improvement to your dining room is to place a console table against the wall. You can add a table lamp and display a beautiful painting above it to complete the look. It’s also great for serving meals to guests during the holidays or for dinner parties!

Console Table Styles

Console tables come in a variety of designs and styles just like any other piece of furniture. Some of them have drawers attached to the top portion, and others offer multiple levels of shelves. The most basic design features four legs and a flat top surface.

Farmhouse Console Tables – Farmhouse-style console tables are typically made of wood and could be lightly distressed.

Industrial Console Tables – Industrial-style console tables are likely made of wood and metal. They may have bolts showing to give them a factory feel.

Rustic Console Tables – Rustic console tables are likely made of wood and fit in well in a cabin home.

Neutral Console Tables – Go with beige or white for a great neutral console table look.

English Country Console Tables – A cottage-style console table is fit for English country homes.

Glam Console Tables – For metallic lovers, opt for a silver or gold glamorous console table.

Coastal Console Tables – Beachy homes will benefit from a blue or white coastal console table.

How to Style a Console Table

Styling your new console table doesn’t have to be difficult. You can use one or more of these objects to give your console table some character.

Table Lamp – Place two twin table lamps on each side of a console table to give it balance.

Large Art – Hang a large painting that measures a few inches shorter than the width of your table on the wall right above it.

Tray – Place a catch-all tray on your console table to hold keys and your wallet after you walk in the door.

We hope you found this console table shopping and styling guide useful! Do you have a console table in your home that you just can’t live without?

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