3 Major Types of Nightstands to Consider for Your Bedroom

The nightstand is an often overlooked but essential piece of furniture in the bedroom. While we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, the humble nightstand quietly holds our books, glasses, lamps and other bedside necessities. But not all nightstands are created equal. There are a variety of styles, sizes, and materials to choose from when selecting the perfect nightstand for your needs.

Let’s explore some of the most popular options, from minimalist open shelves to luxurious marble-topped stands. Whether you prefer modern, traditional, rustic, or eclectic decor, there is a nightstand to complement your existing furnishings and add convenience and personality to your bedroom.

A well-chosen nightstand not only looks great but also provides valuable storage and display space. Read on to discover the key features of different types of nightstands to find your ideal bedside companion.

Types of Nightstands

Let’s go over the different types of nightstands you can buy for your bedroom and some ideas for what to keep on them. There are three major types of nightstands you will come across.

Simple Side Table

Any simple side table can be used as a nightstand. From accent tables to side tables, if you find a table you like, then why not consider using it as a nightstand? As long as it isn’t too large, the table should work just fine!


Drawer and Shelf Nightstand

The drawer and shelf combination nightstand is probably the most popular style of nightstand you will find. This type of nightstand allows you to hide smaller objects in the drawer while using a shelf below to display any decorative objects or books you may have. It’s a great choice!


Side Chest

A side chest or accent cabinet offers the most storage and privacy. If you have small children and don’t want them digging around and accidentally finding any medicine, then a side chest might be the best nightstand for you! It offers lots of hidden storage for keeping your things private.


Types of Nightstand Materials

Nightstands are often made of wood, but you can find nightstands and bedside tables crafted from different materials if you look.

Nightstands come in different designs and styles to fit in with your existing interior design.

I hope this post gave you a better idea of the types of nightstands available!


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