25 Awesome DIY Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas

When you have a large number of guests coming to your home for Thanksgiving, you may want to create some Thanksgiving place cards and assign your guests a place to sit. This will prevent chaos and even give people a chance to speak with someone they may not know so well. On the flip side, you can avoid arguments between people you know who don’t get along by sitting them apart from each other!

Here are a few materials you may need for your DIY Thanksgiving cards:

DIY Thanksgiving Place Card Tutorials & Crafts

Thanksgiving place cards can be as simple or as complicated as you like! These are the 25 best Thanksgiving place card ideas we’ve found around the web. They will help you decorate a beautiful Thanksgiving home!

1. Glass Balls Thanksgiving Place Card

These glass ball Thanksgiving place card holders are so stunning. I can imagine that they will gently reflect the light in a charming way on your Thanksgiving table. To write the names, use a special glass marker like this one. Easy!

2. DIY Wood Slice Turkey Place Card For Thanksgiving

Using a wood slice, some toothpicks, paper and glitter, you can create this festive wood slice turkey place card yourself!

3. DIY Turkey Pinecone Place Cards

Feathers and pine cones are a brilliant duo for this Thanksgiving place card idea.

4. Thanksgiving Turkey Place Card Holders

Another turkey place card holder, but this time using a clothespin!

5. Pom Pom Turkey Place Card DIY

These pom pom turkeys are an adorable craft to do with the kids!

6. Easy DIY Thanksgiving Rosemary Wreath Place Cards

A classically simple and elegant Thanksgiving place card holder idea using rosemary!

7. DIY Turkey Feather Thanksgiving Place Cards

This wine cork turkey feather DIY place card is sure to delight your guests.

8. DIY Thanksgiving Cornucopia Place Setting

What’s more Thanksgiving than a Cornucopia? Incorporate it into your place settings with this DIY.

9. DIY Pilgrim Place Cards For Thanksgiving

These Pilgrim hats are perfect place cards for your Thanksgiving table!

10. DIY Painted Pinecone Thanksgiving Place Card

I couldn’t find the original source of this DIY Painted Pinecone, but you can easily paint the tips of the pinecone using a muted fall color like this burnt orange, and then write the names of your guests on brown paper (maybe use an old paper bag!).

DIY Painted Pinecone Thanksgiving Place Card For Thanksgiving

11. DIY Gold Harvest Place Cards

A golden pumpkin adds a touch of glamour and elegance this Thanksgiving!

12. DIY Clothespin Thanksgiving Place Card

These simple Thanksgiving clothespin place cards are super easy to make.

13. DIY Clay Pinecone Place Setting

If you have some time, try this DIY clay pinecone place card idea this Thanksgiving!

14. Card Stock Thanksgiving Place Cards & Napkin Holders

Using card stock, you can create your own Thanksgiving place cards that double as napkin holders, too!

15. Burlap Thanksgiving Place Card Holders

Burlap is a great fall material to use for your Thanksgiving place cards. This spool is super cheap!

16. Brown Paper Placemat DIY Thanksgiving Handwritten Name

Why not write your guests’ names directly on their brown paper placemat? I guess you need good handwriting for this one! :)

Brown Paper Placemat DIY Thanksgiving Handwritten Name Via CountryLiving

17. Acorn Place Card Holder

I love this beautiful brown acorn place card DIY.

18. DIY Write What You Are Thankful For Thanksgiving Place Card

I love this interactive DIY Thanksgiving place card holder idea! Have your guests write what they are thankful for on the place card itself. Brilliant.

19. Green Apple Thanksgiving Place Card

A simple and minimal Thanksgiving place card idea.

20. Mayflower Boat Thanksgiving Place Card DIY

Teach your kids about the history of Thanksgiving with this place card DIY project featuring the famous Mayflower ship!

21. DIY Thanksgiving Neon Pine Cone Placecard Holder

The neon makes this place card holder really pop!

22. Nautical DIY Thanksgiving Place Card

Coastal homes can use this seaside DIY Thanksgiving place card idea!

Nautical DIY Thanksgiving Place Card Via CountryLiving

23. Simple Wheat Placecards For Thanksgiving

I wasn’t able to find the source of this adorable DIY place card but it seems like you could easy paste a small piece of wheat to a card and make this lovely Thanksgiving name card!

Simple Wheat Placecards For Thanksgiving

24. Turkey Feathers Book Pages DIY Thanksgiving Place Card

This Thanksgiving place card DIY tutorial is no longer available but I figured I’d share in case any professional DIYers out there want to give it a go. How brilliant is it to use old book pages to make turkey feathers on this adorable DIY Turkey place card?

Turkey Feathers Book Pages DIY Thanksgiving Place Card

25. White Maple Leaf Thanksgiving Place Card

The brown mini pinecones provide a great backdrop against this simple white maple leaf Thanksgiving place card.

White Maple Leaf Thanksgiving Place Card Via Silhouette Blog
Silhouette Blog

Do you have a Thanksgiving place card holder idea you use every year? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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25 DIY Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas #Thanksgiving #ThanksgivingDecor #ThanksgivingTable #ThanksgivingTableDecor
25 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas #Thanksgiving #ThanksgivingDecor #ThanksgivingTable #ThanksgivingTableDecor
25 Awesome DIY Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas #Thanksgiving #ThanksgivingDecor #ThanksgivingTable #ThanksgivingTableDecor

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