15 Best Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

These farmhouse Thanksgiving decor ideas will ensure your house is ready and prepared to give thanks this November. Celebrating Thanksgiving is always a fun time to gather the whole family around the dining table and enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal. If you are hosting this year’s Thanksgiving dinner then these decorating ideas will help you create the perfect atmosphere for your guests.

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Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor

Decorating for Thanksgiving in a farmhouse home means integrating rustic and farmhouse decorations with fall-themed decor like turkeys, cornucopias, and haystacks. Here are the best ways to decorate a farmhouse home with Thanksgiving decor.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Dining Room

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to welcome friends and family into your home with warm, rustic charm. The farmhouse style, known for its cozy and inviting atmosphere, lends itself beautifully to the holiday season.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor bigfamilylittlefarmhouse

Here’s how you can transform your dining room and other spaces with unique farmhouse Thanksgiving decor ideas.

Pumpkin Centerpiece

A pumpkin centerpiece is a timeless choice for adding a touch of fall to your dining table. Select varying sizes and shades of pumpkins, perhaps even adding gourds or other autumn vegetables. Arrange them artfully in a wooden tray or basket, and include pinecones, leaves, or fairy lights to create an eye-catching and cozy focal point for your dinner guests.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor southern_styleandhome

Thankful Pinboard DIY Decor

Embrace the spirit of gratitude this season with a Thankful Pinboard. This DIY decor idea can involve your whole family. Simply set up a corkboard or canvas and supply pens, paper, and pins. Invite everyone to write down something they’re thankful for and pin it up. It’s a heartwarming decoration that continues to grow throughout the holiday.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor amywilsondesigns

Turkey Plates

Celebrate the traditional symbol of Thanksgiving by using turkey-themed plates on your dining table. These plates, adorned with beautiful turkey illustrations, can add a whimsical touch without overpowering the rustic theme. Paired with simple linens and silverware, turkey plates make for a festive yet elegant table setting.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor mycreatedcottage

Wheatgrass in a White Pitcher

Wheatgrass in a white pitcher is a simple, yet elegant way to bring nature to your table. Place fresh wheatgrass in a vintage white pitcher and accent it with a ribbon or twine. Its subtle green hue and natural texture add freshness to your farmhouse decor without clashing with other elements.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor via @bryartonfarm

Thankful and Blessed Thanksgiving Tiered Tray

A tiered tray decorated with seasonal items and phrases like “Thankful” and “Blessed” creates a delightful accent piece. Adorn it with mini pumpkins, cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, and candles. It can be placed on a side table or buffet to add visual interest to the dining room.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor via @dining_delight

Turkey Fireplace Mantel Decoration

Turn your fireplace mantel into a festive masterpiece with a turkey-themed decoration. Whether you opt for a tasteful turkey figurine or a more playful stuffed version, positioning it center stage on the mantel will become a conversation starter. Surround it with garlands, candles, or other seasonal embellishments for a complete look.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor justamidwestgirltx

Gobble Sign

A “Gobble” sign is a playful addition that can add some fun to your farmhouse decor. Whether hand-painted on reclaimed wood or purchased from a local artisan, hang it near the dining area to remind everyone of the joy and humor of the season.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor Tiered Tray via @familyshiplapanddunn

Tis the Season to be Thankful Kitchen Sign

Keep the theme of gratitude going with a “Tis the Season to be Thankful” kitchen sign. Hang it prominently in the kitchen, where much of the Thanksgiving preparation takes place, as a beautiful reminder of the reason for the season.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor via blessed_ranch

Get Your Fat Pants Ready Dining Room Wall Sign

Infuse some humor into your dining room with a cheeky “Get Your Fat Pants Ready” wall sign. It sets a lighthearted tone and is sure to elicit smiles and laughter from your guests as they settle in for a bountiful feast.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor ahostinghome

Gratitude Pillow

A Gratitude pillow, embroidered or printed with the word “Gratitude,” is a soft, subtle way to incorporate the theme of thankfulness into your living room decor. Placed on a sofa or favorite armchair, it can create a cozy corner for reflection and relaxation.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor Simple Joy at Home
Simple Joy at Home

Metal Turkey Figurine

For a touch of rustic elegance, consider incorporating a turkey figurine into your decor. Its vintage appeal and intricate craftsmanship can add sophistication to a mantelpiece, side table, or entryway, seamlessly tying together the farmhouse Thanksgiving theme.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor via @sugarnmilkco

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Cookies

Don’t forget the edible decorations! Farmhouse Thanksgiving cookies shaped like turkeys, pumpkins, or leaves and adorned with seasonal colors can serve as both a tasty treat and a delightful decor element. Display them on a wooden platter or cake stand to enhance the farmhouse vibe.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Cookies bunnycakesandcookies

Vintage Family Portrait on the Wall

Thanksgiving is all about family, so why not incorporate a vintage family portrait into your decor? Frame a cherished family photograph in a rustic wooden frame and hang it prominently. It serves as a beautiful reminder of family bonds and the history you share.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor Dining Table via @c.b._designs

Turkey Under a Cloche

A unique and sophisticated idea is to display a decorative turkey under a glass cloche. It adds an element of curiosity and elegance and can be placed on a dining table, mantel, or sideboard. Surround it with seasonal foliage or twinkling lights for a magical effect.

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor houseofhawthornes

By embracing these decor ideas, you can create a warm, inviting, and uniquely farmhouse-style Thanksgiving celebration that your family and friends will cherish. Whether you go for understated elegance or playful whimsy, these tips offer something for every taste and tradition.

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