Typical Scandinavian Furniture Pieces for a Nordic Home

Scandinavian design is known for its minimalist aesthetic, functionality, and emphasis on natural materials. This style has become increasingly popular around the world for its clean lines, neutral color palette, and cozy warmth. If you’re looking to bring some hygge into your home with Nordic-inspired decor, selecting the right furniture pieces is key.

As a writer with Swedish origins, I’ll discuss some of the most iconic and common types of Scandinavian furniture that can help you achieve that effortless Scandinavian style. Whether you opt for minimalist wood pieces, cozy textiles, or multipurpose designs, these essential Scandinavian furniture items will allow you to create a space that is both elegant and inviting.

Read on for an overview of the staple Scandinavian furniture finds to look for as you craft your calming Nordic oasis.

Here are some typical Scandinavian furniture pieces that can help create a Nordic-inspired home:

  • Wooden chairs – Scandinavian chair designs often feature simple, gently curved shapes with straight legs. Common woods used include teak, ash, and beech. Swedish designers like Alvar Aalto and Bruno Mathsson created iconic bentwood chair models.
  • Daybeds – Upholstered daybeds provide cozy, multi-purpose seating. They work well in living rooms or bedrooms. Daybeds often feature clean lines and light colors like white, gray, or pale blue.
  • Sofas and sectionals – Clean-lined sofas and sectional pieces in muted colors make great Scandinavian living room furniture. Wool or cotton textiles with geometric patterns are common. Popular examples include designs by brands like IKEA and Hay.
  • Wooden tables – Minimalist wood dining tables, side tables, and coffee tables are hallmarks of Scandinavian style. Look for tables made from light woods like birch, oak, or maple. Danish modern teak tables are also popular vintage finds.
  • Storage furniture – Furniture that merges storage and display is very common in Nordic interiors. This includes open shelving units, sideboards, and minimalist cabinets to stay organized.
  • Platform beds – Scandinavian platform beds have simple, low rectangular wooden frames elevated on legs. Many feature built-in storage drawers underneath. Natural linen bedding adds to the relaxed vibe.

Light fixtures frequently utilize organic shapes and materials like glass or wood. Additionally, accessories like rugs and cushions may incorporate geometric patterns, but always in a subdued color palette. Overall, Scandinavian furniture aims to combine form and function in a harmonious way.

Scandinavian living room with chaise
Scandinavian Black chair with fokati throw against dark grey wall
Scandinavian dining room with black chairs
Scandinavian dining room with spherical glass vase
Scandinavian dining room with vintage chest
Scandinavian kitchen with black and white tiling
Scandinavian bedroom with minimalist sculptures on shelves
Scandinavian desk in bedroom

Images via Stadshem

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