Modern Nautical Interior Design Elements

Ahoy! If you love the ocean and want to bring some nautical flair into your home, implementing modern nautical design elements is a great way to do it. Nautical decor may conjure up images of kitschy lighthouses and seashells, but it doesn’t have to feel outdated or cliché. In fact, with the right modern pieces, you can create a chic, contemporary coastal vibe.

I’ll share some of my favorite ways to incorporate modern nautical style into any room. From abstract art depicting waves and ships to navy blue and white color schemes, minimalist wood furnishings, and unexpected statement pieces, these tips will have you sailing toward interior design that feels fresh and current. So batten down the hatches and get ready to dive into effortlessly elegant modern nautical decor!

Take a peek inside a nautically inspired Long Island beach home with modern touches and updates throughout. Bright Bazaar blogger Will Taylor and husband Toby Taylor-Willis loved the Bellport, NY home they purchased, not far from New York City. One Kings Lane Interior Design helped bring their vision to life.

Modern nautical living room with navy sofa

Nautical Design Elements

Modern nautical interior design draws inspiration from the sea and maritime life. Key elements include a color palette dominated by shades of blue, white, and sandy neutrals. Striped patterns are often used for upholstery, rugs, and walls. Natural materials like wood and rope are prevalent for furniture and decor. Weathered finishes and distressed textures provide a lived-in, coastal feel. Maritime motifs such as anchors, ship wheels, and shells frequently appear as decorative accents. Nautical charts and artwork depicting sea landscapes can be included as wall decor. Glass, chrome, and metallic elements may be incorporated for a contemporary touch. Overall, the design aims to create a calm, light-filled space that reflects the openness and serenity of the ocean.

Nautical Accent Chairs with Blue Stripe

Nautical Style Kitchen

Dark blue kitchen cabinets in a blue beach home
Shades of Blue coastal kitchen decor
Light blue kitchen island decor in a NY beach home
Blue subway tile in blue coastal kitchen



Nautical Breakfast Nook

Beach home breakfast nook with wishbone chairs, shiplap walls and round dining table
Nautical tablescape in Breakfast Nook Beach home

Beach Home Dining Room

The rope chandelier in this dining room is stunning! Navy blue side chairs sit around a wood pedestal table and a built-in bench adds extra seating.

Nautical Dining Room with Rope Chandelier and Navy Louis Chairs

Nautical Beach Home Bedroom

Blue linens in the Beach home bedroom

Nautical Master & Guest Bathrooms

Black bathtub with Blue subway tile in a coastal bathroom
Sea blue subway tile in Nautical bathroom style
Blue subway tile stand in shower in a beach home bathroom

Bright Bazaar & One Kings Lane


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