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Madrid is home to some of the most talented and innovative interior designers in Spain. In this historic city full of beautiful architecture and rich culture, Madrid’s interior designers are creating stunning spaces that showcase both classic and contemporary Spanish design. From restoring ornate historic buildings to reimagining modern apartments, Madrid’s top designers are shaping the look and feel of Spain’s capital.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to some of Madrid’s leading interior designers and design firms. We’ll look at their signature styles, highlight some of their most amazing projects, and show how they are blending traditional and modern elements to create unique interiors that capture the spirit of Madrid.

Whether you love bold colors and patterns or prefer a more minimalist look, you’re sure to be inspired by the incredible work of these visionary Madrid-based designers. So read on to learn about the interior designers helping to redefine and reinvent spaces in this vibrant capital city!

Estudio Marta Santos

Beige bedroom ideas Crown Molding @estudiomariasantos

Miriam Alia

There’s something about Miriam Alia’s darling interior spaces that makes me want to jump inside a fifties period film like Catch Me If You Can.  Her space was curated by her very own interior design firm team. The carefully placed furniture exudes the simplicity that modernist design was known for smooth lines, easy shapes, and soft tones. Only occasionally does her space include a more intricate piece like the gilded-edge stool near the dressing station.

Living Pink living room with yellow side chairs and pink art
Miriam Alia Living Pink Home Living
Miriam Alia Living Pink Home Living
Miriam Alia Living Pink Home Dining
Miriam Alia Living Pink Home Kitchen
Miriam Alia Living Pink Home Bedroom
Miriam Alia Living Pink Home Bedroom
Miriam Alia Living Pink Home Bedroom

Miriam Alia has wow-ed us with a feminine and elegantly designed space, shown here by Elle Decor Spain. Featuring softly muted tones like blush and pale grey, the spaces are inviting, yet calming at the same time. The bedroom’s charming headboard evokes the romantic glamour of old Hollywood, while the ceiling light fixture of the living room is reminiscent of mid-century modern vintage style.

Beatriz Silveira

Beatriz Silveira‘s designs have just the right amount of color injected giving them life and character. Silveira has a clear penchant for vintage-style furniture which brings a grandeur to the rooms she designs. I particularly love the muted tones she uses with the velvet chairs in the dining rooms – one a soft turquoise, and another a muted blush color. Gold and brass are also well-incorporated throughout the spaces.

Rich blue sofa living room with painting ceiling, design by Beatriz Silveira
Large marble dining room table with soft blue velvet chairs
Mid-century modern sideboard with artwork and barcart, design by Beatriz Silveira
Dining Room design by Kitchen with marble island, cactus and old painting, design by Beatriz Silveira
Marble island kitchen with turquoise chandelier, design by Beatriz Silveira
Blue crystal chandelier kitchen design by Beatriz Silveira
Painting ceiling with beautiful millwork and gold palm tree, design by Beatriz Silveira

“My main objective when facing a project is to capture the sensitivity, tastes and lifestyle of my clients, making the decoration of their homes a particularly exciting and participative moment for them.” – Beatriz Silveira

Old fireplace in a modern living room, design by Beatriz Silveira

“Aesthetics and functionality are not at odds, a space can transmit strength and personality at the same time as harmony and warmth. The key is in the balance and in the selection of each piece. ” – Beatriz Silveira

Dining room with pink velvet chairs and marble table, design by Beatriz Silveira
Vintage dining room cabinets and pink velvet chair, design by Kitchen with marble island, cactus and old painting, design by Beatriz Silveira

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