Typical Barcelona Apartment Interior Design Style

In today’s post I’m excited to dive into one of my favorite interior design styles – the Barcelona apartment aesthetic. As many of you know, Barcelona is one of Europe’s most stylish and design-forward cities. The interior design found in many of the apartments and flats in this coastal Spanish city encapsulates both classic and contemporary elements, creating living spaces that feel sleek yet warm, elegant yet inviting.

The hallmarks of Barcelona’s interior design style include open layouts to maximize natural light, clean lines, and high-quality materials like wood, marble, and steel. Neutral, earthy color palettes are accented with pops of color via textiles, artwork, and accessories. The overall look is modern and minimalist meets vintage and rustic.

If you love spaces that are chic and edited but still full of character and visual interest, the Barcelona apartment style may be the perfect inspiration for your next interior design project or home refresh. In today’s post, we’ll explore some of the key elements that define this look and how to incorporate it into your own abode. Let’s dive in!

Barcelona Style Apartments

The typical Barcelona apartment interior design style is influenced by a mix of traditional Catalan elements and modern sensibilities. One of the key features is the use of mosaic tiles, often with vibrant colors, to decorate floors and walls. These are usually seen in the form of “hydraulic tiles” or “trencadís,” a type of broken tile mosaic. High ceilings are another common element, often adorned with intricate moldings and sometimes with wooden beams. Architectural features like French doors, Juliet balconies, and large windows are common, allowing for plenty of natural light.

Barcelona kitchen with neon yellow accent wall

The style often includes vintage or antique furniture, which may be paired with contemporary pieces for contrast. White walls are common, serving as a backdrop that allows decorative elements to stand out. Indoor plants may be used for a touch of nature. Barcelona style often features open-plan living spaces, with a flow between the kitchen, dining, and living areas. The overall ambiance aims for a balance between elegance and comfort, blending old-world charm with modern amenities.

Visitors to the Catalan city of Barcelona would be so lucky to stay in this traditional Spanish apartment with modern furniture and vibrant decor. The space is actually quite small, but makes optimum use of square footage, relying on desks attached to the bed, and little shelving units you can’t miss due to the neon yellow paint!

Strategically placed mirrors help give the illusion of a larger area. What I love most about this space is the original brown Spanish tiling still present on the floors. The space was designed by Miel Arquitectos.

Sadly, I couldn’t find exactly how to book this place, so if you know, please do share!

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