28 Glam Christmas Decor Ideas

If you love metallics, glitter, and elegance, then these glam Christmas decor ideas are perfect for you! From glittery mini Christmas trees to gold ribbon and silver ornaments, there are so many ways to glam up your Christmas home decor this year.

We’ve got nearly every room in the house covered in this article so you can be inspired to decorate in a glamorous way this holiday season. Christmas is a glamorous holiday – why not decorate as such? If you love metallics like gold and silver, then Christmas is the perfect time to use these metals!

We love glamorous Christmas decor, so much that we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite inspirational images to share with you. Here are the prettiest glam Christmas decor ideas we found!

Let’s get started with the best glamorous Christmas decorating ideas!

Glam Christmas Tree Decor

Let’s get started with the tree, probably the most important Christmas decoration in your whole house! Many glam living rooms feature flocked Christmas trees, so definitely consider purchasing one of those if aren’t buying a real one.

Glam Pink Christmas Tree Decor via @allabouthomedesigns
Black, Pink and Gold Glamorous Christmas Tree Decor
Glam Silver and Gold Metallic Christmas Tree Decor via House of Silver Lining
House of Silver Lining
Pink and gold Glam Christmas tree decor
Rose gold and Copper Glam Christmas Tree Living Room Decor

Glam Christmas Living Room Decor

When it comes to the living room, you want to find lots of metallic accents to place on the coffee table and on the console tables. You also want to purchase sequined pillows for the couch to give it a glam, festive touch! Here are a few glam Christmas living room decor ideas to inspire you!

Glam Christmas Coffee Table Decor via @myhome_myinterior
Glam Gold Christmas Living Room Decor via @thedecordiet
Gold Glam Christmas Living Room Decor
Pink and gold Glam Christmas Living Room Decor via bluegraygal

Glam Christmas Mantel Decor

On the mantel, be sure to hang several faux fur Christmas stockings and decorate them with metallic candlestick holders.

Glam Christmas Bar Cart Decor

I love this adorable little gold bar cart with a mini Christmas tree on top!

Glam Christmas Dining Room Decor

When it comes to glam Christmas dining room decor, be sure to pick out some sparkly tableware, and add a metallic Christmas tree in the corner of your dining room! You can also create a hanging centerpiece with metallic ornaments dropping down to create a fun, festive atmosphere as you dine!

Blue and Gold Glam Christmas Dining Room Decor via @allabouthomedesigns

Glam Christmas Kitchen Decor

Here are a few ideas for creating a glam Christmas kitchen. Drape gold wreaths behind the backs of your bar chairs, or create a little serving platter of mini gold Christmas trees to place on your kitchen counter!

Glam Christmas Kitchen Decor via @allabouthomedesigns

Glam Christmas Entryway Decor

The entryway is a great opportunity to create a glam Christmas vignette in your home.

Glam Christmas Entryway Decor via @allabouthomedesigns

Glam Christmas Bedroom Decor

When it comes to the bedroom, if you’re lucky enough to have a mantel, then be sure to hang some faux fur Christmas stockings on it! Add a festive garland, and place a small Christmas tree in the corner of your bedroom and you’re good to go!

Glam Christmas Decorations

Want more glam decorating ideas for the holidays? Don’t miss our guide to the best glam Christmas decorations you can buy online this holiday season!

I just love this beautiful glam faux fur Christmas wreath decoration with little sparkling ornaments attached around the circle. If you know who created it, please let me know! I just came across it on Pinterest and had to share it with you all as it’s just so GLAM!

Glam faux fur Christmas wreath decoration

Lastly, here is a small selection of beautiful glam Christmas decorations you can find on Amazon!

Christmas Decorating Around the Home

I hope this post helped inspire you to create a glamorous Christmas home this holiday season. Don’t miss our guides to decorating for Christmas in every room in the house!

Be sure to follow our Christmas Decor Board on Pinterest for more Christmas decorating tips and ideas!

Merry Christmas!

28 Glam Christmas Decor Ideas

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