10 Creative Fall Dining Room Decor Ideas

Ready for the most inspiring fall dining room decor ideas? If you have guests over often or just want to create a jovial atmosphere for your family, consider decorating your dining room for autumn. These dining room-focused fall home decor ideas will give you endless inspiration when it comes to decorating the room where your family will share a meal.

Fall Dining Table Decor Ideas

Here are the most amazing fall dining room decorating ideas and inspiration. We’ll cover Thanksgiving home decor ideas in a different post. This article will focus on general fall home decor which you can keep up throughout the autumn season!

Focus on the warm and earthy tones associated with fall. Think of burnt orange, deep red, mustard yellow, and rich browns. Using a cohesive color palette will ensure that everything ties together beautifully.

Plaid Table Runners

Table runners are an affordable way to decorate your dining room for fall. They help center the decorations of your dining room table. Depending on your taste, you might choose a solid-colored tablecloth or a patterned runner that includes fall motifs such as leaves, pumpkins, or plaids.

Fall Dining Room Decor via @amadadecor

Fall Harvest Centerpiece

Don’t forget about the centerpiece of your dining room. It’s great to display some decorations on your dining room table when it’s not in use.

Fall harvest centepiece dining room decor via janelletrinette

Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece Arrangement

A simple white table runner is a clean way to center the fall dining room centerpiece you have on the dining room table. These neutral beige pumpkins have been arranged with candles and a pitcher full of dried flowers to create a charming fall centerpiece.

Fall table runner for dining room table vivianaventers

Fall Napkins for the Dining Table

Fall napkins are great for adding a pop of fall color to your dining room landscape. You can easily create a lovely fall tablescape with autumn-inspired napkins.

Fall napkins dining room decor thecozyfarmhouse

Fall Tableware and Pumpkin Plates

Think about purchasing some fall tableware or pumpkin-shaped plates this autumn. These will enhance your fall tablescape decor in the dining room. If you have dinnerware that fits the fall theme, go for it! Even using solid-colored plates and bowls that match your color palette can enhance the look.

Fall plates dining room decor jk_farmhouselove

Fall Garlands for the Dining Table

You can use fall garlands in many parts of your home, but they look especially great on the dining table! Wrap a DIY fall garland around a batch of pumpkins and add string lights for a special tabletop effect.

Fall garlands dining room decor phoenix_pheather

Fabric or Velvet Pumpkins

Creating a glam look for fall in the dining room is easy with some cute fabric or velvet pumpkin accents. Candles can provide a cozy ambiance. Select pillar or taper candles in colors that match your scheme, place them in decorative holders, or integrate them into the centerpiece.

Fall velvet pumpkins on dining table via slightlycoastal

Wheatgrass in a Pitcher

An easy way to decorate for fall on the dining room table is to stick a batch of wheatgrass in a white farmhouse pitcher and place it on the dining room table.

Fall wheatgrass in white pitcher via havenberryvintage

Fall Buffet Decor Ideas

Decorating a buffet for a fall meal you have prepared will add to the dining experience and bring warmth and vibrancy to the room. Here’s how you can achieve a charming fall-themed buffet decor:

Tiered Trays on the Buffet

You can decorate your dining room buffet with pumpkin accents and fall-tiered trays. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this setup!

Fall tiered tray on Buffet dining room decor dining_delight

Seasonal Buffet Table Runners

Choose a table runner in autumn hues or patterns like plaid that represent the season. This will serve as the foundation for your buffet decor and tie everything together.

Festive Serving Ware

If possible, select serving dishes and utensils that match the fall theme. Wooden, ceramic, or copper serving pieces can enhance the rustic feel of the season.

Edible Fall Decorations

Fruits like apples, pears, grapes, and figs can be beautiful decorative elements that are in tune with the fall season. They add color and are a delightful treat for guests.

Food Signage

If you’re serving various dishes, consider adding small labels or signs describing each one. These can be written in elegant calligraphy on rustic paper for a charming touch.

Fabric Draping

Softly draping fabric in autumn colors over the edges of the table or around serving dishes can add a touch of elegance and warmth.

Fall Dining Chair Decor Ideas

Dressing up dining chairs for the fall season can add a festive and cohesive look to your autumn dining room. Here are some ways to tastefully decorate your dining chairs to complement your fall-themed table:

Plaid Throw Blankets on Dining Chairs

If you live in a chilly environment, drape a few plaid throw blankets over your dining room chairs in case guests get cold while dining. Even if they aren’t used, fall throw blankets are the best way to decorate affordably in the dining room! They can add so much cheer to the dining room.

Plaid throw blankets on dining room chairs via lizmariegalvan

Hang Fall Wreaths on the Backs

Small grapevine or twig wreaths can be adorned with autumn leaves, acorns, or mini pumpkins and hung on the backs of the chairs. They create a lovely visual statement and can be crafted to match the centerpiece on the table.

Fall Cushion Covers

If your dining chairs have cushions, creating or purchasing seasonal cushion covers in fall-themed patterns or colors can change the entire look of the chairs without too much effort.

I hope you got inspired by these fall dining room decor ideas!

Remember, decorating for fall is all about celebrating the season’s natural beauty and warmth. By thoughtfully choosing colors, textures, and objects that resonate with the fall theme, you can create a dining room table that’s not only visually appealing but also invites your family and guests to gather around in comfort and style!


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