55 DIY Fall Wreaths that are Easy and Inexpensive to Make

These DIY Fall wreaths are the perfect craft to decorate your front door for the autumn season. Wreaths are generally easy to make and some can take as little as 20 or 30 minutes! They are a simple way to add seasonal decor to your home without spending a ton of money or taking a lot of time. Some of these DIY tutorials are so easy even kids can do them! Take a peek at this list of fifty-five beautiful autumn wreaths you can make yourself!

Here are a few DIY crafting supplies you may need for these tutorials:

DIY Fall Wreaths

Check out our favorite fall wreaths you can craft yourself!

1. Farmhouse Fall Wreath using twigs and cotton

2. Neutral Fall Wreath

3. Autumn Wreath with Paper Leaves

4. Fall Framed Chicken Wire Owl Wreath

5. Fall Oak Leaf Wreath

6. Easy Fall Hoop Wreath

7. Fall Popcorn Wreath

8. DIY Fall Leaf Wreath

9. Fall Colors Candy Corn Wreath

10. Fall wreath from corn tassels

11. Fall Scarecrow Wreath

12. Fall burlap wreath

13. Fall Monogram Wreath

14. DIY Corn Husk Wreath

15. DIY Fall felt leaf wreath

16. Fall Sunshine Wreath

17. Fall Acorn Wreath

18. Hydrangea Fall Wreath

19. Fall Harvest Wispy Wreath

20. Cinnamon Stick Fall Wreath

21. Fall flower and burlap wreath

22. Fall Pinecone Wreath with Orange Ribbon

23. Burlap Fall Wreath

24. Fall Wreath from picture frame

25. Fall Yarn Harvest Wreath

26. DIY Fall wreath

27. Fall Burlap Wreath Decor

28. DIY Fall Feather Wreath

29. Fall Apple Wreath

30. Easy DIY Burlap wreath

31. Fall Cottonball Wreath

32. Fall Wreath from hoop

33. Fall Wreath using acorns and pinecones

34. Fall Wheat Wreath

35. Fall Wreath with Felt Rosettes

36. Orange Mesh Pumpkin Wreath

37. Fall Hydrangea Wreath

38. Fall Wreath using berries

39. Rustic Autumn Wreath

40. DIY Fall Coffee Filter Wreath

41. DIY Fall Acorn Wreath

42. DIY Fall Wreath using leaves

43. Rustic Fall Wreath

44. Yellow Leaves and Lace Fall Wreath

45. Fall apple wreath

46. White Pumpkin Burlap Fall Wreath

47. DIY cottonball wreath

48. Simple pumpkin wreath

49. Fall Wreath using Indian corn

50. Fall Rosette Wreath

51. Metallic Fall Wreath

52. Fall Fabric Scraps Wreath

53. Wood log fall wreath

54. Autumn Embroidery Hoop Wreath

55. Fall Wheat Wreath

More Fall Decor Ideas

I hope you found inspiration from these DIY crafts you can make for fall. But don’t stop decorating for fall now. Keep going with these fun and festive autumn decor ideas!

55 Fall DIY Wreaths that are Easy and Cheap to Make!
55 DIY Fall Wreaths to Make this Autumn!
55 DIY Autumn Wreaths You'll Love Making this Fall!
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