California Interior Designers

California has long been a hub for innovation and creativity, and that extends to the world of interior design. With its palm trees, beaches, and beautiful weather, the Golden State has a bright, relaxed aesthetic that many designers embrace. Some of the top designers working in California today expertly blend indoor and outdoor spaces, use lots of natural materials, and incorporate the state’s signature laidback vibe into their work.

I’ll highlight some of my favorite interior designers that call California home. From San Diego up to San Francisco, these talented individuals are creating gorgeous, livable spaces that capture the essence of indoor-outdoor California living.

Whether they stick to a beachy, casual look or go for something more glamorous, these designers consistently produce interiors that feel effortlessly chic. Keep reading to learn about my picks for the top California interior designers and get a peek at some of their most stunning projects!

Work in Progress

Northern California

Caitlin Flemming

Mindy Gayer

Lindsay Gerber

Lauren Nelson

Southern California Interior Designers

Intimate Living Interiors

Bonesteel Trout Hall Interiors

Laura Brophy

Southern California interior designers laurabrophyinteriors

Nicole Davis

I fell in love with interior designer Nicole Davis‘ work after coming across her account on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. Davis is based in Orange County, California, and her work has been featured in Elle Decor. Her style could be described as relaxed sophistication.

Kitchen with marble backsplash and gold pendant lights by by Nicole Davis

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