7 Best Accent Cabinets and Chests for Extra Storage

So you’re looking for an accent cabinet or chest for your home? You’re not alone! More and more people are looking for this particularly useful piece of storage furniture. Our hope is that this post will help you select the perfect cabinet or chest for your home!

Accent cabinets and chests will typically offer many layers of storage, either in the form of drawers, or internal shelving behind two or more doors. If you have a room that needs more storage, these could be a perfect solution. You could store extra linens in the bedroom, or the kids games in your living room.

If you have an empty area or corner in your space and you just want to fill it, then I’d recommend a console table or accent table, as these will be less expensive because they don’t come with much storage.

If you’re sure you want an accent cabinet with drawers or shelves or a storage chest, then let’s go over some of the different types you can choose from. These are the most popular styles of accent chests.

Accent Cabinets with Drawers

The most basic style of accent cabinet is one with lots of drawers! Hiding away the clutter is very important when it comes to storage. On the other hand, you need easy access to what’s inside and drawers take care of that beautifully. This gorgeous mid-century modern accent chest is perfect for storing many different things in separate areas.

Accent Cabinet with Drawers

Accent Cabinets with Glass Doors

Another type of accent cabinet is one that has glass doors. Clear glass panes allow you to easily see what’s inside the cabinet so you don’t have to open it unless it’s necessary. We love this highly-rated one!

Accent Cabinet with Glass Doors

Accent Cabinets with Shelves

An accent cabinet with shelves is a great way to store linens and other larger objects. I wouldn’t recommend keeping small things on a cabinet with open shelves because it will appear cluttered. This gorgeous piece has wide interior shelving for storage.

Accent Cabinet with Shelves

2-Door Accent Cabinets

2-door accent cabinets are simple and look beautiful. Having too many doors on a cabinet will make it look cluttered and busy. With only two doors on the chest like this, you can get a wide overview of almost everything that’s inside.

2-Door Accent Cabinet

Modern Accent Cabinets

Modern accent cabinets and modern chests are hugely popular. With a simple design and a sleek look, these pieces of furniture will remain in style for a very long time, making them great investment pieces. Modern accent cabinets like this top one could be made of wood, glass, metal, or a high quality laminate.

Modern Accent Cabinets and Chests

Tall Accent Chests

Tall accent chests are great for the bedroom. You can store underwear, lingerie, or any other accessories that you might wear. They might occupy little floor space and take advantage of the high ceilings in your bedroom. You can also use one like this in the kitchen to add more storage!

Tall Accent Chests

Narrow Accent Cabinets

Narrow accent cabinets are especially useful in the bathroom. Because our bathrooms tend to be small in terms of square feet, these accent chests are perfect for the space. You can store bathroom towels, makeup, Q-tips, tissues, soap, and much more in these narrow pieces of furniture. This one has a gorgeous marble top.

Narrow Accent Cabinet

Accent Cabinets & Chests by Style

If your home is already decorated in a particular style or theme, you may be looking for accent cabinets and chests that fit your existing aesthetic. Here are some recent articles we’ve posted that give you great recommendations for high-quality chests and cabinets to guide you.

I hope this article gave you a good idea of why accent cabinets are amazing pieces of storage furniture. You can move it from room to room as needed, so this is surely a good investment in your furniture pieces.

Have you found an accent cabinet or chest that you are really happy with? Share it with us and other readers in the comments. We love hearing from you!


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