24 Beautiful Wingback Chairs Under $500

24 Beautiful Wingback Chairs Under $500

Chelsea Wing Chair - Inslee Africa

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Wingback chairs, or wing chairs for short, have a long history dating back to the 1700s when Queen Anne style furniture was in style. You may be surprised to learn that the wingback chair had a practical functionality at the time of their inception. Wingback chairs were designed to enclose the sides of the body when sitting down, in order to protect it from any cold drafts throughout the house. Simultaneously, the heat from a nearby fireplace would be trapped in the area where the person was sitting – giving them their other nickname, fireside chairs.

Luckily this practical design has stood the test of time and gotten many updates since those days. You can still find wingback chairs in modern homes and they come in many shapes sizes and colors. Some of the more traditional wingback chairs have tufted backs, while others have sharp geometric edges. Depending on your existing interior style, you can get them in a dark charcoal or even a soft baby blue. Here are twenty four chic picks if you’re looking for a wingback chair, all under $500 each!

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Twin Neutral Wingback Chairs

Pottery Barn

Colorful living room

Jenna Wallis

Blue Velvet Tufted Wingback Chair

Emily Henderson

Blush wingback chair via At Home in Love

At Home in Love

Hot Pink wing Chair via lee industries

Lee Industries

Dark brown wingback chair via Elizabeth Reich

Elizabeth Reich

Baby blue antique french wingback chair

Repurposed Orange Velvet Wingback-Chair via Stel House

Stel House

Soft pink vintage wingback chair

Floral wingback chair via amy lipnis

Amy Lipnis

Two neutral wingback chairs via stikwood


Pink velvet tufted wingback chair via Darling Mag

Darling Magazine

Off-white wingback chair via Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris

Two Tufted Pink Velvet Wingback Chairs via Chicago Vintage Weddings

Chicago Vintage Weddings

Soft pink wingback chair with marble artwork

HGTV / Tiffany Brooks

Bergere Chair at office desk via hellofashionblog


Coral Wingback Chair

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    Did you not provide a link for any of the photos? How do we know where we can buy them??

  2. elle 1 month ago

    where can I buy the chairs ?
    thank you

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