Tamara Magel Designs a Dramatic NYC Apartment with Bold Accents

Tamara Magel Designs a Dramatic NYC Apartment with Bold Accents

A glamorous address needs a glamorous interior to match – and look no further than Fifth Avenue and Tamara Magel respectively! What I love about this space is how each room has a bold accent color to give it character and draw the eye in from the black white and gold theme. The minimalist white artwork against the patterned black and white wallpaper at the entryway is the perfect calming focus point. The console table with gold legs also adds elegance and glamour to the space.

Entryway with black and white wallpaper and bold pink artwork

Living room with white chaise and purple velvet chairs

I’m not sure how I feel about this large empty white wall to the right of the living room space. The white couch and chaise blend into the wall, as does the white marble coffee table. The purple velvet chairs to the left are absolutely divine but I would love to see this color reflected in an artwork on the across from the windows…

Living room with white sofa and marble block coffee table

Gold accents work perfectly. So much to love about this dining room. From the royal blue velvet chairs to the solid black bookcase with white books – everything works seamlessly.

Dining room with black table and blue velvet chairs

Continuing the black and gold theme in the bedroom, we have some lovely decor accents like a gold-framed mirror with writing in French. The black accent wall works great as well, providing a nice backdrop for the mirror without drowning the room in darkness.

Bedroom with black accent wall and fur throw

I certainly have a huge crush on marble bathrooms, and this gold-accented one is no exception!

Bathroom with marble vanity and gold fixtures

White Marble bathroom with gold faucet and twin lights

Love this vanity space, and not sure if it’s part of a closet, but I hope it is! The pink carpet provides a nice pop of color and the fur stool adds a touch of chic. The gold starburst ceiling light is minimal yet stylish.

Vanity space with pink rug and fur stool

Herringbone dark floors with view into dining room

Tamara Magel

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