34 Stunning Marble Bathrooms with Silver Fixtures

34 Stunning Marble Bathrooms with Silver Fixtures

After the popularity of our Gorgeous Marble Kitchens post, I thought I’d share some inspirational images from the second most wonderful place to install marble: the bathroom! Using marble to decorate your bathroom is a fantastic choice, as it brings glamour and elegance to a private space. There are many ways you can install marble, most of which we’ve featured below. You can opt for various marble pieces such as subway tiling, hexagonal tiling or even solid marble slabs. For this post, we’ll focus on silver fixtures in marble bathrooms, and in later posts we’ll discover gold and brass fixtures as well as black fixtures. Silver is a clean and minimal choice for fixtures, as it blends in nicely and reflects any light that comes into the room.

White Marble Vanity Top with Mint Green Cabinets

Source: Mark Williams / HGTV

Double Walk-in Marble Shower

Source: Coveteur

Fully Marble Bathroom with Tub

Source: Mein

Hexagon Marble Tile Shower with Silver

Source: Mission Stone Tile

Marble Bathroom with Brown Cabinets and Zebra Art

Source: KHN Design

Marble Bathroom with Gray Tub

Source: Anthony Wilder

Marble Bathroom with Silver Finished Double Sink

Source: Ceramo

Marble Bathroom with Silver Fixtures and Pink Flowers

Source: Colorado Homes

Marble Bathroom with Silver Fixtures

Source: Unknown

Marble Bathroom with Silver Gray Free Tub

Source: Anthony Wilder

Marble Bathroom with White Floor

Source: Elicyon

Marble Bathroom with White Tub and Gold Frame Mirrors

Source: Unknown

Marble Bathtub inside a Shower

Source: Kriste Michelini

Marble Floor Bathroom with Silver Sink

Source: Domino

Marble Floor bathroom with tub and Subway Tiling

Source: A&R Tiles

Walk-in Marble Shower via The Design Co

Source: The Design Co

Marble Herringbone Tile on Floor via Visbeen Architects

Source: Visbeen

Marble Shower and Vanity HGTV

Source: HGTV

Marble Sit-down Shower with Silver Fixtures

Source: Atlanta Homes

Marble Step-in Shower with Silver Fixtures and Purple Flowers

Source: Mark Williams

Marble Subway Tiling in Shower

Source: Unknown

Marble Tile Floor Bathroom with Venetian Mirror

Source: Tarkus Tile

Marble Tile Shower Stall with Silver Fixtures

Source: Maximilian Huxley

Marble Tile Shower with Shelf

Source: Unknown

Marble Tile Wall Tub with Silver Fixtures on a Freestanding Tub with an Arched Window

Source: Mark Williams

Marble Vanity top and Floor

Source: HGTV

Minimal Solid Marble Sink

Source: Unknown

Minimal White Marble Sink and Floor

Source: Workshop For Architecture

Simple Marble Bathroom with Glass Shower

Source: Unknown

White Marble Bathroom with White Orchids

Source: Unknown

White Marble Double Sink

Source: Kriste Michelini

Double Sink Vanity Marble Top with Silver Fixtures

Source: Overstock

Marble Bathroom with Walk-in Shower and Circle Tiling

Source: TIDG

White Tub in Marble Bathroom with Brown Chair

Source: Architectural Digest

{p.s. be sure to check out more marble bathrooms}

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