10 Essentials for Every Vanity

10 Essentials for Every Vanity

Vanity tray via cupcakesandcashmere

Cupcakes and Cashmere

For this edition of {essentials}, I’ve chosen ten must-haves for the perfect vanity set-up! It’s easy for a vanity top to become cluttered so I’ve shared a few space-saving products to keep everything tidy and organized.

1. A Large Mirror – If one isn’t already attached, you’ll need a large mirror for above your vanity desk! Round mirrors are beautiful, but square ones work too!

2. Fragrance – Even if you’re not big into perfume, fragrances are also nice decorative accessories for vanity tops!

3. Clear Trays – I love clear trays for keeping makeup and other small items properly organized and stored.

4. Flower Arrangement – Freshen up the space

5. Comfy Seating – Stools work really well with vanities because they can easily be slid under the desk when not in use. I’d recommend one of the following:

6. Candles – I adore lighting a candle while getting ready in the morning or before heading out in the evening! Nothing like a calming scent to create a lovely ambiance.

7. Make-up Holders – Great for holding brushes!

8. A Close-up Mirror – For applying eye make-up without standing up…

9. Jewelry Stands – To keep your necklaces tangle-free!

10. Lighting – A strong, close light source is so important to a vanity. It can really make or break the space!

Vanity top with eiffel tower


White vanity with blush pink stool

Camille Styles

Vanity top via bliss-athome.com


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What else do you keep on your vanity?

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