Makeup Vanity

Create a beauty station at home with our makeup vanity design tips and guides.

What is a Makeup Vanity?

A makeup vanity is either a furniture piece or a dedicated area of the bathroom meant for women to use to apply makeup, style their hair, and do other beauty routines.

Makeup vanities allow you to sit down comfortably while applying makeup, with good lighting and a proper viewing angle towards the mirror. They are ergonomically designed for doing hair and makeup.

Freestanding makeup vanities typically include a tall mirror and counter space to spread out makeup and accessories. Many have built-in storage like drawers and shelves for organization. Makeup vanities come in different materials like wood, metal, glass and can have lighting like perimeter bulbs or lit mirrors. Some are portable while others are made to stay in one room.

The counters have ample surface area not just for cosmetics but also for holding brushes, makeup sponges, hair styling tools, perfumes, jewelry, and more.

In addition to storage and workspace, they tend to have amenities like outlets for plugging in styling tools and chair cushions for prolonged use.

A makeup vanity is the furniture centerpiece of a beauty routine – part desk, part dresser, and part studio where cosmetics setup and magic happens!

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