8 Nightstand Essentials You Should Have for Your Bedside Table

A well-designed and organized bedside table can make a big difference in how restful and relaxing your bedroom feels. The items you keep on your bedside table also impact your nighttime and morning routines.

In this post, I’ll share my top bedside table essentials that help create a peaceful, functional, and stylish bedside environment. From must-have lighting to clever organizational items, these are the bedside table staples that I recommend everyone have set up.

A thoughtfully composed, practical nightstand table makes your bedroom a more welcoming space and helps you start and end each day smoothly. Read on for an inside look at the bedside table essentials that I never want to live without!

White minimal nightstand with lamp and candle

Bedside Table Essentials for Everyone

Lately, I’ve been really into bedside table styling – I came across some nicely styled nightstands on Pinterest and thought I’d share today and give you some ideas for decorating on top! Here are my bedside table essentials for a practical and chic bedroom design.

1. A Good Table Lamp

A table lamp is probably the largest item that will appear on your nightstand or bedside table so be sure to pick a good one :)



2. A Candle

I love relaxing before bed with the calming scent of a vanilla candle! A candle is definitely one of the best bedside table essentials you can have.



3. A Picture Frame

I know this is kind of “teenager” but how cute is a picture frame of friends, family or loved ones next to your bed?



4. Flowers

If you can’t have fresh cuts every week, then pick up one of these “nearly natural” flower sets to give your bedside a feminine look.



5. Lotion

Am I the only one who loves putting on lotion before bed? Not to mention, sometimes I wake up early with super dry hands! Bedside lotion is the answer.



6. A Catch-All Tray

I love how some nightstands have drawers or at least shelves below to store any jewelry you forgot to take off or a sleeping mask!



7. A Vintage-style Clock

These are super cute decorative items which I think give any bedroom a touch of classic character!



8. A Good Book

It’s advised by doctors to stop looking at electronic devices 30 minutes before bed. So if you’re looking for something to do, pick up a good old-fashioned hardcover book! Here are my recommendations:

White bedside table with silver lamp and pink flowers
Jillian Harris
Mirrored nightstand with table lamp, Girlboss book, and candle
Marble top nightstand with gold feather lamp
White nightstand with silver table lamp and alarm clock
Style Me Pretty

How do you style your nightstand or bedside table?


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