23 Chic, Yet Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas for the Home!

It’s October and that means it’s time to start thinking about decorating for Halloween! Today I’m sharing all the best Halloween decor ideas that I found during my research on Pinterest and Bloglovin!

Halloween Home Decor Ideas

There’s so much inspiration for Halloween home decor out there, that it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s why I created this round-up of the 23 most inspiring Halloween home tours and ideas for you to sift through and decide which are right for your home!

1. Spooky Paper Bats

Use paper bats on your wall to make it seem like these spooky little animals are flying up to the ceiling!

2. Vintage Piano

I love this vintage black piano which goes great with a Halloween decor theme! These white skulls give this old piano a super creepy look.

3. Dried Flowers

Adding dried flowers to a skeleton is a great way to add a feminine touch to your Halloween decor this year!

4. Simple Halloween Garland

Adding a simple Halloween Garland like this one to your mirror is an easy and quick way to dress up your home for Halloween.

5. Gold & Black Halloween Decor

Gold and black is a popular home decor theme and why not keep it going for Halloween too? I love the combination of this beautiful black wreath paired with a chic gold skeleton.

6. Black and White Halloween

When it doubt, keep it simple with black and white Halloween decor! I love how this room has been decorated with an understated Halloween theme. You can tell it’s creepy but it’s not over the top!

7. Giant Black Spider

If minimalism isn’t your thing, then you can always opt for a giant black spider crawling across your armoire in the dining room! For around $12, this is a cheap way to add some creepiness to any piece of furniture you dare…

8. Open Science Book

Leaving a science book open to make it seem like you have a mad scientist in the house is a great way to decorate for Halloween! Add a skeleton hand for added creepy effect…

9. Creepy Vintage Photo Frames

There’s something about old things that gives everyone the creeps! These vintage photo frames of a bygone era make this entryway super spooky. Try Etsy for some unique choices.

10. Halloween Pumpkins on the Mantel

A group of orange and gold pumpkins on your mantel is a great way to decorate for Halloween, and what’s even better is that you can leave them up all throughout autumn!

11. White Sheet over Chair

How creative is this halloween idea? She placed a skeleton body on one of her accent chairs, and then draped a white sheet over it so you can tell that there is a “dead body” underneath! She even left the skeleton toes peeking out. I love the creativity of this one – sure to spook your guests out right away!

12. Bat Skeletons on the Chandelier

Iris thought of the coolest idea to hang bat skeletons from her chandelier! This is a super easy way to decorate for Halloween.

13. Halloween Entryway

Create a simple Halloween vignette at your entryway by gathering a few creepy objects and placing them on a side table! Black flowers, a small skull, a mini tombstone, a candelabra and a black crow all work perfectly together!

14. Black Candelabra

This black candelabra makes for a spooking lighting choice! Plus, it’s on sale at WorldMarket!

15. Halloween Kitchen Shelving

Don’t forget your kitchen when decorating your home for Halloween! A black crow and a small pumpkin are easy ways to creep out your shelves!

16. Black Lace Cloth

Black crows and ravens are a popular Halloween home decor idea! Here, you have black lace spiderweb cloth draped over the mantel, as well. Spooky!

17. Vultures

Vultures are another creepy bird that just makes any room that much more spooky! Try these creepy looking vultures in your home.

18. White Pumpkins

Faux white pumpkins are a very chic way to decorate for Halloween. Throw them in a large silver bucket for beautiful fall decor styling.

19. Jack O Lantern Candy Bucket

Candy buckets aren’t just for kids! Get a pack of mini pumpkin buckets and place them on your kitchen shelves during Halloween.

20. Neon Skull Light

How cool is this Halloween skull light? I love that Brooklyn Limestone put it on a black chalkboard for added effect.

21. Halloween Garland

A simple pumpkin garland or Halloween banner can go a long way.

22. Harry Potter Cauldron

A large cauldron is a great idea for you to create a Harry Potter themed Halloween! Be sure to click through below to see more Harry Potter-themed Halloween decor.

23. Spider Decor

Spiders are a classic, creepy Halloween decor idea. Get a bunch of mini spiders and place them all around your house. Be careful though, these can easily fool you in the dark to think there’s a creepy crawly walking around your home!

I hope you found these Halloween decorating ideas inspiring! Pin this post for later:

Most Inspring Halloween Decor Ideas
Chic But Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas To Inspire You

Happy halloween!


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