10 Entryway Essentials for Every Home

The entryway serves as one of the most important parts of any home. Not only is it the first place your guests will see as they walk in the door of your house, it’s also the last thing you’ll see when you leave every day! In short, this space should be practical and functional yet appealing and striking. Below are ten guidelines for what I believe are the essentials for every entryway.

While you don’t have to have all these items, it’s good to consider what you feel would be most appropriate for your home and entry space.

1. A Bench or Chair

The most practical of options, if you have enough space for a bench or chair in your entry, you should definitely include one to quickly sit down when putting on/taking off shoes. Big bonus if it has hidden storage!

2. Rug

I wouldn’t invest in a particularly expensive rug near the entrance as it will likely track in much dirt from outside, but beautiful affordable ones can definitely work.

3. A Mirror

A mirror is an entryway must-have for checking your make-up quickly before leaving, and any lipstick touch-ups… If you’re feeling decorative, try a Venetian mirror!

4. A Tray

A dedicated tray is a great idea as a place to drop your keys, so you know exactly where you can find them next time you are dashing out the door!

5. Hooks

Small or large, adding hooks somewhere near your entrance will ensure you never misplace your coat again ;) You could also opt for an entryway hall tree with books built-in!

6. A Lamp

In addition to the obvious benefits of having more light around the space, lamps are great for adding height to the table styling.

7. Books

Ever kept someone waiting for a little too long? Keep an interesting picture book near your entrance to give your guests something to read (Obviously, the less text, the better!)

8. Houseplants or Flowers

Not only are these beautiful to look at, they will keep your house and entryway smelling fresh and lovely! Trendy house plants include Monstera, Fiddle Leaf Fig, and Bamboo Palm.

9. Artwork

Pick something that will leave a lasting impression… The artwork you keep in your entryway says a lot about who you are as a person!

10. A Console Table or Wall Shelf

A shelf or table is great for keeping larger items like handbags, and scarves for easy access. Go for a console table if you have the storage space, but if you’re short on square footage, a round side table or wall shelf works too!

Anything I left out? What do you consider essential to your entryway?


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