16 Best White Marble Side Tables for Any Room in Your Home

My obsession with marble continues… This time with white marble side tables! These little beauties can easily be added next to the sofa or near the bed. Their size makes them easy to use in any room, in addition to keeping them more affordable than a marble dining table or marble coffee table. There are definitely some budget-friendly marble tables in this list, ladies!

As far as the base of the table, you can opt for a few different choices: there are marble side tables with many different finishes like gold, wood, black and even sold marble! Above, Kate La Vie’s marble bedside table looks fantastic next to her bed.

Marble Side Tables

See our favorite picks below – most of which are less than $500 each!





Shelter Sofa and white marble side table via GG
Glitter Guide
Marble side tables with rose gold decor
Marble Side Table with fragrance and flowers
Kate La Vie
White Marble Bedside table via SMP
Marble side table with passport via Rue
Solid marble block side table
White marble nightstand table with brass base against black wall via Tamara Magel
Tamara Magel

Do you have a white marble side table you love?

White Marble Side Tables You'll Love! #marble #whitemarble #sidetables
White Marble Side Tables You'll Love #marble #whitemarble #sidetables #homedecor

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