12 Best Easter Wreaths to Shop this Spring

Spring is in the air and Easter is right around the corner! As the weather warms up and everything starts blooming, it’s time to decorate your home with festive accents to welcome the new season. One of my favorite Easter decor items that instantly lifts the spirits is a beautiful wreath for the front door. An Easter wreath serves as a lovely greeting for guests and adds springtime charm to your home’s exterior.

Today I’m sharing my picks for the best Easter wreaths you can shop this spring. From traditional faux floral designs to contemporary styles featuring pastel eggs and bunnies, there’s an Easter wreath to match every home’s personality and aesthetic.

Whether you go all-out celebrating the holiday or just want to decorate with a subtle springtime vibe, you’ll find wreaths to inspire. I’ll highlight where to buy the wreaths online or in stores, key features of each one, prices, and styling tips. Let’s kick off the Easter decorating season with a gorgeous new wreath on display!

Best Easter Wreaths to Shop

So, you are probably wondering which are the best Easter wreaths you can buy online. I’ve rounded up a great selection for you to choose from right here!

I hope you enjoy our selection! Easter decor tends to sell out fast as the holiday approaches so I recommend you grab your favorite sooner rather than later!

Where to Hang an Easter Wreath at Home

Here are some suggestions for where to hang an Easter wreath at home:

Front Door: Hanging an Easter wreath on your front door is the most popular spot. It welcomes guests with a cheery springtime greeting right from the curb. Hang it on the main front door or on a door leading into the house from the garage. This is a great way to decorate the entry if it’s visible.

Cute Handmade Easter Bunny Wreath from Etsy
Shop this Easter Wreath from Etsy

Porch or Patio: If you have a covered porch, back patio or deck, an Easter wreath makes for festive decor here. Hang it on the outside wall by the steps or entryway to the porch or patio. When you’re sitting outdoors, the colorful wreath will spark joy.

Dining Room: Use an Easter wreath to decorate the dining room for your holiday meal or brunch. Hang it on the wall behind where the table will be set or on another focal wall in the room. Complement it with a spring table runner for a coordinated look.

Kitchen Window: An Easter wreath on your kitchen window over the sink provides a nice view while you cook and wash dishes. Hang it using suction cups or window hooks so it’s visible from inside and outside.

Interior Doors: Decorate inside your home by hanging small Easter wreaths on interior doors – like the kitchen door or doors leading into the dining room or living spaces. This way guests will see the festive decor as they pass from room to room.

Get creative with where you display your Easter wreath this season!

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12 Best Easter Wreaths to Shop ASAP!

Easter is coming up fast and now is the time to start thinking about the best Easter wreaths for your home! A great way to celebrate Easter is to decorate with a beautiful spring or Easter-themed wreath on your front door, headboard, or other wall in the home. This will help welcome guests and bring you a bit of joy as you see it every day! There’s something so calming about a circular wreath with floral accents or little eggs. 

Happy Easter!


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  1. Pretty wreathes but I wish you had included one that represented the risen Jesus Christ. A large portion of us still believe. If one of the wreaths had a Christian theme and I missed I am sorry for my comment.

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