Dining Room Art: Creative Pieces to Decorate Your Eating Space

The dining room is often an overlooked space when it comes to home decor. The kitchen and living room tend to get all the attention, with their statement light fixtures and eye-catching accent walls. But your dining room deserves some love too!

The walls in your dining space are the perfect canvas for showcasing your personal style. Carefully chosen dining room art can lend warmth, spark conversation, and elevate the entire dining room.

In this post, we’ll explore how to choose dining room wall art that is meaningful and improves the mood of your meals. From formal still-life paintings to modern abstracts, we’ll look at what works well over your table.

You’ll find our expert-selected pieces from trusted American retailers. Let’s dig in to creating a dining room art display you’ll want to gather around!

Best Dining Room Wall Art Pieces

Here are the best dining room art pieces to buy for your space!

Types of Dining Room Wall Art to Consider

What kind of art should go in a dining room? Here are some recommendations for the types of art that work well in dining rooms:

  • Still life paintings – These classic depictions of fruit, flowers, or tabletop objects bring a refined elegance. They also tie into the act of dining. Florals and food still lifes are especially fitting.
  • Landscape paintings – Serene scenic paintings complement the dining experience by providing a calming, peaceful ambiance. Coastal scenes, garden vistas, and countryside images are wonderful options.
  • Food photography or prints – Vintage-style food advertisements, botanical prints, or black and white photos of ingredients like lemons, artichokes, or peppers visually connect to cooking and meals.
  • Abstract art – Modern abstract pieces in energizing colors can stimulate appetite and conversation. Large-scale abstracts also command attention to expansive wall spaces.
  • Family photos – For a more casual and intimate vibe, display candid shots of loved ones laughing, traveling, or celebrating. Just be sure they’re enlarged and nicely framed.

The key is choosing dining room art that excites you, fits your taste, and enhances the mood you want to create at mealtime.

Can you do a gallery wall in the dining room? Yes, gallery walls can work beautifully in dining rooms! Here are tips for creating a stylish gallery wall display in your home dining space:

  • Incorporate a mix of art mediums – Combine paintings, prints, photography, mirrors, wall sculptures or sconces for visual interest.
  • Vary sizes and shapes – Use a collection of similarly colored or themed pieces in different shapes and sizes for impact. Avoid having everything uniformly sized and spaced.
  • Add drama with one large focal piece – An oversized painting or mirror can anchor the arrangement and make it feel pulled together. Flank it with smaller pieces.
  • Keep it clean – White mats and frames allow the art itself to stand out. Black frames also look sharp against dining room walls.
  • Consider function – Place delicate or valuable pieces out of reach of accidental splashes or spills.
  • Draw the eye upwards – Position art higher up on the wall and arrange it asymmetrically so the display leads the eye towards the ceiling, which creates a sense of vertical space.
  • Include lighting – Use picture lights or sconces to illuminate your gallery wall and highlight details.

With some thoughtful planning and curating, a dining room gallery wall can be a stunning feature that personalizes the space and sparks mealtime conversations.


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