15 Chinese New Year Home Decor Ideas

Here is a guide on how to decorate for the Lunar New Year.

Every Chinese New Year, roads are filled with colorful, festive, and traditional decorations. In most cases, decorations come with images of luck in bright and bold red. Here are some of the best Chinese New Year home decor ideas for a stylish and festive celebration.

Chinese New Year Home Decor

Chinese Red Lanterns

Chinese Red Paper Lanterns Festival Decorations

The Chinese red lanterns symbolize perseverance, courage, and hope. Moreover, it is also used to represent good fortune, love, and peace in Chinese culture. The red color is a sign of Chinese society.

In Chinese culture, the red lanterns are hung in the windows to symbolize the community’s resilience in the face of adversity. These decorations also serve as inspiration for people during their darkest times.

Hydrangea Palace Lantern 2PCS Chinese New Year Decorations

Gold Ingots

Golden Ingot Citrine Ingot Chinese Yuan

Gold Ingots are one of the traditional decorations during the Chinese New Year as it symbolizes long life, good luck, and wealth.

The tradition of giving gold ingots as a present can be traced back to the Imperial Chinese era when Ingots were used to store wealth that would serve as currency later on. Chinese families continue to use gold ingots as a status symbol and commemorate important events in modern times.

Paper Cuttings

Chinese Creative Handmade Paper-Cut

During the Chinese New Year, people in China cut paper replicas of flowers, nature, animals, things, and people, which they believed to bring good fortune and luck in the year ahead.

Every paper cutting design represents the person’s wish to achieve in the coming year. Mostly, paper cuttings are hung on windows and other transparent surfaces or on white backgrounds. These are great Chinese New Year home decor crafts to do with the kids.

Red and Gold Tassels

I-Ching Feng Shui Coins with Red Chinese Knot String Vintage Lucky Coin

Red and gold tassels are handmade Chinese decorations usually hanging on doors. Many Chinese believe that this decoration can ward off evil spirits. Red and gold tassels are also the representation of eternity and longevity in Chinese cultures.

Door Couplets

Chinese door couplets

Most Chinese families hang a pair of couplets on their door during Chinese New Year. They do this as a symbol of good wishes and sincere blessings. This decoration is related to different themes in the Chinese New Year, including the spring season.

Vases of Plum Blossoms and Orchids

A vase of plum blossoms and orchids signifies good fortune and life. Moreover, this Chinese New Year decoration is also a symbol of prosperity. A vase of plum blossoms alone shows the Chinese community’s purity, beauty, hope, and courage. Chinese New Year home decor is all about bringing nature indoors.

Red and Gold Candles

Red and Gold Chinese Candle

It is customary for a family to offer a red and gold candle during the Chinese New Year. One of the meanings of the color combination is to wish the family good fortune. The red color represents good luck, while the gold color represents prosperity.

Decorative Fortune Cookies

Decorative fortunate cookies are another well-known treat associated with Chinese culture. In the run-up to the Chinese New Year, many Chinese families go to local bakeries to order customized fortune cookies with designs representing wealth and good fortune. The cookies are then displayed and consumed during the exact holiday celebration.

Kumquat Trees

The kumquat trees symbolize prosperity and wealth in the Chinese cultural tradition. During the Chinese New Year celebrations, families display and even eat kumquats as a sign of embracing good fortune in the coming year.

Red Fabric & Pillows

Displaying red fabric in every Chinese home symbolizes long life, good health, and fortune. The red fabric is a traditional material used in crafting different decorations for the festival. The red color represents a good start to a new life. The decorations made with red fabric are also intended to provide prosperity, energy, and good luck to the Chinese community.

Chinese Knots

Chinese knots are exquisite decorations Chinese people use to hang in different parts of their home, including chandeliers, mantelpieces, and even doorknobs. This decoration is made from unbroken string. The endless knots are used to represent long life.

Zodiac Calendar

The zodiac calendar celebrates the changing of the seasons and the coming of a new year in Chinese culture. The arrival of a new year is associated with festivities and traditions. The zodiac calendar is a vital part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, which take place in late January or early February.

Mei Hwa Flowers

Chinese Meihua flowers decor

If you’re looking to add a little Meihua spirit to your home this Chinese New Year, look no further than these gorgeous flower decorations. The traditional pink Mei Hwa flowers symbolize good luck, happiness, and prosperity.

Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are a traditional Chinese New Year tradition that tells the future in a nutshell. They’re a fun way to learn about Chinese culture, and they make for a great conversation starter. Having fortune cookies on the dining table is a great way to decorate for the Lunar Chinese new year.

Money Tree

The Chinese New Year is here, so it’s time to decorate with red and gold. These festive Chinese decorations are a great way to bring in the Year of the Goat, and they also serve as a reminder to spend less and appreciate more this year. One of the most important Chinese new year decorations is the money tree. This simple but effective decoration is made by tying coins in red string and hanging them from the ceiling.

Orange Trees

In China, orange trees symbolize prosperity and good luck during the Chinese New Year. To celebrate the new year’s coming, families, set up orange trees in their homes to bring good fortune. The orange trees are a reminder to spend less and appreciate more.

Paper Firecrackers

Paper firecrackers are a big part of Chinese New Year celebrations. They symbolize good luck, happiness, and money and are used to celebrate the Lantern Festival, the Spring Festival, and other important occasions. People use paper firecrackers to decorate their homes and give to their friends, family, and loved ones.

Fai Chun Banners

Fai Chun Banners are a traditional part of the Chinese New Year. They are hung outside homes to bring good fortune and blessings in the coming year. The tradition of Fai Chun Banners started in the 13th century when the first Confucian schools were built in China. This decoration is a giant red flag with Chinese calligraphy and symbols.

Chinese new year home decor doesn’t have to be complicated. I hope this post helps you celebrate the Chinese New Year with these fun-filled and exotic decorations!


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