12 Times Artwork Perfected a Room

Artwork is important. It can truly make or break a room. It’s also a great investment as it can last a very long time you purchase a quality piece and take good care of it. It doesn’t suffer through “wear and tear” like a normal piece of furniture will. Quality artwork is a great way to affordably add some character to a room otherwise decorated in minimal or basic furniture. Below find twelve of my favorite rooms where art steals the show…

1. It’s rare that pop art doesn’t catch your eye, and this vanity is no exception. The pale blue vanity desk brings out the blue eyes in this Lichtenstein-esque portrait, while the bright yellow lamps add another bright color to the mix. This artwork brings emotion to an everyday space like a vanity.

2. Commerce and residence meet in this ultra-colorful Copenhagen apartment, where all the art and interior decor is actually for sale.

3. This rectangular piece is the perfect balance between being striking without being overbearing. It’s yellows and oranges reflect the lighting and pillow decor in the room, while the minimalist nature of it doesn’t take away too much focus.

4. This entryway strikes a sharp contrast between new and old. The vintage french style chairs are a relic of times past, while the minimalist purple painting is reminiscent of Rothko, a painter whose work is highly regarded in modern art.

5. The pattern play between this blue dresser and face artwork by Hayley Mitchell is deligthful. The white vines on the dresser mimic the pink flowers of the painting. While some may find this arrangement too busy, I find it quite unique and smart.

6. There is a cooked chicken canvas on the wall of this dining room. Need I say more? Sometimes, things just fit.

7. Greenery is clearly an important aspect of this room as seen by the plants in the foreground as well as background. The green hue continues onto the artwork in this room where a green-feathered parrot rests on a brown perch. His face and feet have a clay-orange color similar to the pots which hold the plants. The natural canvas color is soothing to the eye and these earthly tones are amplified by this gorgeous artwork.

8. I love that this painting almost blends right into this room. It doesn’t seek to stand out or attract too much attention, as it’s resting on the white sideboard instead of being hung. The books and boxes obscure parts of it, which help give the room a quite relaxed and unpretentious feeling to it.

9. This repetitive painting is somewhat of an anti-wallpaper. The patterns are reminiscent of wallpaper, though they are painted on a framed canvas. The canary yellow is matched on the couch pillows.

Yellow Art via Apartment Therapy

10. This pastel floral abstract painting gives life to an otherwise solid white decor scheme. It’s the perfect backdrop for the lucite lampstands, and solid white candle holder.

11. Mid-century modern never looked so good! The dark, bold navy and copper hues of this painting are the perfect match for this warm oak sideboard.

Dark Blue Abstract Artwork on Mid-Century Brown Sideboard

12. Art shouldn’t be limited to painting. A graphic artwork can be just as fitting, like this minimal As If typography poster.

As If Sassy Graphic Art Work

What’s your favorite kind of art to display in a home?


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