10 Affordable Last-Minute Halloween Decorations

It’s almost Halloween! Have you prepared your home yet? If you didn’t use our Halloween Decor Ideas guide in time, don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered with 10 affordable last-minute Halloween decorations! These are cheap and easy ways to decorate for Halloween and will add some spooky spirit to your home ahead of the 31st.

1. Halloween Jack-O-Lantern String Lights

Jack-O-Lantern string lights are a quick and easy option for last-minute decorating. They add a warm, festive glow and can be hung indoors or outdoors. With various styles available, they can fit any budget.

Affordable Halloween Decor - Halloween String Lights

2. Lace Spider Web Mantle Runner

A lace spider web mantle runner gives an elegant, spooky touch to your living room. This decoration is affordable and can simply be placed over your fireplace mantle. It’s an instant game-changer that adds to the Halloween atmosphere.

Affordable Halloween Decor - Lace Spider Web Mantle Runner

3. Trick or Treat Banner for Front Door Display

Welcome trick-or-treaters with a festive banner on your front door. These banners are typically made of durable fabric and are easy to hang. They make a big visual impact without breaking the bank.

Affordable Halloween Decor - Trick Or Treat Banner

4. Hocus Pocus Halloween Cotton Linen Home Decor Cushion Covers

Switch out your regular cushion covers with Halloween-themed ones. Designs often include popular Halloween phrases or images, like witches and pumpkins. They offer an easy and cost-effective way to update your home décor for the season.

Affordable Halloween Decor - Hocus Pocus Halloween Cotton Linen Home Decor Cushion Covers

5. Skeleton Cat

A skeleton cat is a unique twist on traditional Halloween skeletons. Place it on your porch or indoors to surprise guests. It’s lightweight, easy to position, and usually budget-friendly.

Affordable Halloween Decor - Skeleton Cat

6. 3-Dimensional Bat Wall Decals (60 Pieces)

3-Dimensional bat wall decals offer a dramatic yet affordable decoration. These bats stick easily to walls and can be arranged in various patterns. A pack usually comes with multiple sizes for added visual interest.

Affordable Halloween Decor   3 Dimensional Bat Wall Decals 60 Pieces

7. Giant Hairy Spider

A giant hairy spider can be a focal point for any Halloween setup. These are often poseable and can be set up both indoors and outdoors. Despite their large size, they are generally inexpensive.

Affordable Halloween Decor - Giant Hairy Spider

8. Large Outdoor Spider Web with 3 Spiders

Take your outdoor decoration to the next level with a large spider web. These often come with smaller spiders to place on the web. They are easy to set up and provide a big visual impact at a low cost.

Affordable Halloween Decor - Large Outdoor Spider Web With 3 Spiders

9. Posable Skeleton

A posable skeleton provides a classic Halloween scare. These skeletons are often life-sized and can be positioned in various poses. They are usually lightweight and can be found at a reasonable price.

Affordable Halloween Decor - Posable Human Skeleton

10. 5 Ft Dark Hanging Grim Reaper

Hanging a dark Grim Reaper from a tree or your porch adds a chilling effect. These decorations are often around 5 feet tall and are easy to install. Despite their size, they are usually quite affordable.

Affordable Halloween Decor - 5 Ft Dark Hanging Grim Reaper

And that’s how you do last-minute easy affordable Halloween decor!

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