16 Lovely Bathrooms We’re Totally Inspired By

16 Lovely Bathrooms We’re Totally Inspired By

For me, the bathroom is a super important place in my home – it’s where I prep myself for the day to come, and where I freshen up at the end of a long day. If you feel the same, then prepare for some envy because I’m about to share sixteen gorgeously styled bathrooms sure to inspire you to remodel or redecorate! Each bathroom has it’s own unique charm which makes it special and beautiful.

1. This first bathroom is the result of an awesome makeover done by Maison de Pax! I absolutely love the muted blue color they chose for the bathroom vanity, and the tub in the corner looks like the perfect place to chill!

Faded blue bathroom vanity and corner tub via maison de pax

Maison de Pax

2. I love the soft blue tiling of this bathroom wall!

Baby blue subway tiling in the bathroom via Rue Mag

Rue Mag

3. Farrow & Ball designed the lovely wallpaper behind this marble sinktop, which looks fabulous with the bronze fixtures.

Bathroom sink with gold finishes and Farrow & Ball wallpaper

Farrow & Ball

4. I have a thing for gold fixtures in the bathroom, and Emily Henderson’s guest bathroom here is divine.

Emily Henderson’s guest bathroom with gold fixtures and blue tile floor

Emily Henderson

5. Love the black tiling in this bathroom – not to mention, the black freestanding tub is so unique.

Spanish tiling in bathroom with black tub


6.I love how this bathroom incorporates black and white tiling with black and white wallpaper. It blends in together really nicely.

Black and white wallpaper bathroom with marble sink via Alyssa Rosenheck

Alyssa Rosenheck

7. I can’t decide what I like more about this bathroom – the ceiling window or the gorgeous shades of blue tiling.

Blue shades bathroom tiles via HGTV


8. A monotone neutral bathroom can really set a nice relaxation mood!

Spanish tiling in a neutral bathroom via Kishani Perera

Kishani Perera

9. I think this is a great example of mixing black, gold and white. Normally most designers would keep the fixtures and mirror frame under the same finish, but I think the gold mirror and black faucets work really well together here!

Marble bathroom vanity with gold mirror

CM Natural Designs / Dering Hall

10. Using blue tile selectively in a rectangle above the tub was the perfect choice here!

Blue Hexagon tiles above Bathtub via Alyssa Rosenheck

Alyssa Rosenheck

11. Marble and gold is always an awesome combination.

Neutral and gold tones bathroom via Coats Homes

Coats Homes

12. I haven’t seen black floor tiling in a bathroom done this well in a while!

Black floor tiles in well-lit bathroom via Tamara Magel

Tamara Magel

13. I love the country feeling of this bathroom with mint green paneling on the walls. The color is so refreshing like toothpaste! :)

Bathroom with Mint green walls via BHG

Better Homes & Gardens

14. This double vanity with vessel sinks are even more gorgeous with the gold fixtures.

Double sink vanity with brass fixtures via Everygirl

The Everygirl

15. Marble wins. Every time.

Marble bathroom counter with black cabinets via Pia Ulin for Vogue

Pia Ulin for Vogue

16. Another example of selectively using colored tiles in the bathroom. These turquoise subway tiles really make the shower area pop!

Turquoise subway tiling in a bathroom via AGK Design Studio

AGK Design Studio

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you are looking for more bathroom inspiration, check out our Pinterest board!

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