Hanging a Sunburst Mirror Over the Bed: Design Tips

Decorating your bedroom is an exciting way to reflect your personal style and make the space feel like your own personal sanctuary. One trendy decor choice that can instantly upgrade your bedroom is hanging a dramatic sunburst mirror over the bed.

There are a few reasons why a sunburst mirror can be a winning focal point over a bed. I’ll provide tips on how to incorporate one into your bedroom decor with elegance.

A sunburst mirror makes a bold statement and adds a striking feature to your sleeping space. The radial design emanates from the center for a warm, inviting vibe. Its shiny surface also bounces light around, brightening up the entire room.

If you’re looking for a way to amplify your bedroom style, consider hanging an eye-catching sunburst mirror over the bed or headboard. Read on for ideas on how to make this striking decor work in your own bedroom retreat!

Where to Hang a Sunburst Mirror in the Bedroom

When installing a sunburst mirror in your bedroom, placement is key to maximizing its decor impact. The most common spot is right over the center of the headboard. This anchors the mirror neatly on the wall and gives it pride of place to shine above where you sleep.

Make sure to hang the mirror so its lowest point is about 8-12 inches above the headboard. This creates a nice separation so the mirror stands out.

Another option is to hang the sunburst mirror over the bed but off-center, closer to one side. This asymmetrical look adds a touch of whimsy and can work especially well if your bed is pushed into a corner.

Wherever you position your sunburst mirror, make sure it has enough breathing room around it. Leave at least 6 inches between the mirror edges and any nightstands, sconces or artwork hanging beside it. Proper spacing will keep your mirror from feeling crowded!

Purpose of a Sunburst Mirror Over the Bed

Installing a mirror over the bed serves both stylistic and functional aims. Visually, a mirror makes a major decorative statement and instantly becomes a focal point. The striking sunburst design captivates your attention as soon as you enter the bedroom.

A mirror also makes the room feel more spacious by reflecting light and images. The expanded sense of space helps make a bedroom feel more open and airy.

At night, ambiance lighting reflected in the mirror sets a cozy, romantic mood. Whenever you need a quick mirror check, having one handily over the bed makes it easy!


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