10 Mountain Home Living Room Design Ideas

If you’re one of the lucky ones who get to call a cozy mountain home your own, you know there’s a certain rustic charm and natural beauty that comes with the territory. When decorating your living room, you’ll want to embrace those mountain vibes while also creating a warm and inviting space to relax after a day on the slopes or trails.

From natural wood accents to plush textured fabrics and pops of color inspired by the outdoors, there are plenty of ways to blend mountain living flair with modern style. So, let’s explore some inspiring decor ideas to help you transform your mountain home living room into a true respite worthy of its jaw-dropping surroundings.

Mountain home living room antler chandelier kristennixinteriors

Ways to Decorate a Mountain Home’s Living Room

Here are some specific ideas for decorating a rustic cabin or mountain home living room:

Wood Accents

Incorporate wood beams, panels or a wood plank ceiling. Use a live edge wood slab or burl wood coffee table as a rustic centerpiece. Add wood shelving to display pottery, antlers, or other natural decorative items.

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Cozy Textiles

Layer a thick wool or faux fur area rug over hardwood floors. Use soft knit blankets and pillows in rich plaids, stripes or solids like burgundy or forest green. Hang floor-to-ceiling heavy drapes in a fabric like linen or faux fur to frame windows.

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Fireplace Focal Point

Install a grand stone fireplace with a heavy timber or rebar accented mantle. Stack firewood neatly inside or beside the firebox for a rustic touch. Top the mantle with antique lanterns, potted plants or vintage ski equipment.

Mountain home living room stone fireplace @wkphotography

Nature-Inspired Accents

Hang a wrought iron or antler chandelier as a statement overhead light. Use tree stump side tables or carved wood benches. Display woven baskets, antlers, botanical artwork or potted greenery.

Mountain home living room moose head bonesteeltrouthall

Cabin Furniture

Choose overstuffed leather sofas and armchairs with plenty of pillows. Use a thick wood slab or live edge as a rustic coffee table. Add rocking chairs beside the fireplace for cozy appeal.

Mountain Home Living Room Bar northshorenest

By blending natural wood tones, cozy fabrics, outdoors-inspired accents, and ample fireside seating, you can design an inviting yet rugged mountain-style living room.

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