25 Stunning Blue Velvet Sofa Living Room Ideas

There’s something about a blue velvet sofa that makes any living room seem simply luxurious. Perhaps it’s the texture or the way the light shines on the fabric, but the couch tends to take the center of attention. From a moody dark blue to a bold bright blue, there are many ways to style a living room with a blue velvet sofa.

Most of the rooms pair the sofas with a white or grey wall, although some bold designers chose to match the sofa with a blue-painted wall! A few are resting against a gallery wall of art, while others feature just one central piece of artwork. Pillows range from white to purple to multi-color. The chairs in the rooms are mostly white, though a few are brown or blue-patterned, which I think works great!

Best Blue Velvet Sofas

Here are some of the most highly-rated blue velvet sofas you can find online:

Living Rooms with Blue Velvet Sofas

1. Blue velvet sofa with gold coffee table

2. Gallery wall

3. Geometric Rug

Blue Velvet Sofa with a black and white rug
Rue Mag

4. Gold coffee table

Blue Velvet Sofa (Holly Corner Sofa) with a gold coffee table and marble walls
Holly Corner Sofa / Sofa.com

5. Creamy white rug

Blue Velvet Sofa with cream rug and white chair
Architectural Digest

6. Scandinavian living room

Blue Velvet Sofa Julia Couch by Posh Living
Julia couch by Posh Living via Fashion Squad

7. Eclectic colors

8. Danish modern sofa

9. Tufted sofa against bookshelves

10. Dark hardwood floors

11. Floral accents

12. Cowhide rug and teak coffee table

Blue Velvet Sofa Esteban Cortez / Apartment Therapy
Esteban Cortez / Apartment Therapy


13. Loft

Blue Velvet Sofa in The Line's NYC Showroom
The Line

14. Yellow lamps

15. Blue pattern accents

16. Brass wall sconces

17. 60s mod

18. Blue walls

Blue Velvet Sofa Todd Alexander Romano in Architectural Digest
Todd Alexander Romano via Architectural Digest

19. Gold accents

Blue Velvet Sofa

20. Small spaces

21. Mid-century modern

22. Bohemian Eclectic

Blue Velvet Sofa in Emily Henderson's Living Room
Emily Henderson

23. Dark wood furniture

24. Bohemian vibe and juju hat

25. Marble accent table

How to Style a Blue Velvet Sofa in a Living Room

What color goes with blue velvet? Blue velvet is a rich and vibrant color that can be paired with various other colors to create different effects. Here are a few color options that generally work well with blue velvet:

Gold: Combining blue velvet with gold accents creates a luxurious and elegant look. Gold complements the richness of blue and adds a touch of warmth and sophistication.

Silver: Pairing blue velvet with silver creates a cool and modern aesthetic. The silver accents can help enhance the vibrancy of the blue and create a sleek and contemporary feel.

White: Crisp white works as a clean and fresh contrast to blue velvet. It can help create a classic and timeless look, while also allowing the blue to stand out.

Pink: Soft pastel pink can create a delicate and feminine look when paired with blue velvet. This combination offers a balance of warmth and coolness, resulting in a visually pleasing contrast.

Gray: Combining blue velvet with various shades of gray creates a sophisticated and calming atmosphere. Lighter shades of gray can create a gentle contrast, while darker grays provide a more dramatic effect.

Which one of these gorgeous blue velvet sofas is your favorite?

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  1. Loved loved loved the blue sofa senarios … all gorgeous in their own way although #21 melted me. As did the other blue walls w blue sofas. Great photos. Thank you.

  2. Can you please tell me what color and brand paint is used on the royal blue wall of #25. It’s beautiful!

  3. Hi. I’m obsessed with blue velvet sofas and we’re in the search. Can you please share from where was the sofa featured in the architectural digest pic #5?

  4. I have a blue chesterfield velvet sofa.. Can i match it with dark purple single arm chair? Like the mermaid or the petal style chair..

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