7 Black and White Checkered Floors Decor Ideas

Today I want to talk about a decorating trend that I have noticed and absolutely adore: the black and white checkered floors. There’s a certain elegance and sophistication that this tile trend brings to just about every room where it is installed! Most often, the checkered tiles are installed diagonally but there is a Scandinavian kitchen you’ll see below that has them installed vertically.

This floor design can be done with bright black tiles or faded tiles, with a glossy finish or left natural.

Black and White Checkered Floors

Let’s take a look at some of the most common rooms where I see black and white checkered floors installed!


Want to make a stunning first impression? Consider doing your entryway or foyer flooring with this checkered look.

Black and white checkered floor in the entryway via @cortneybishopdesign

This is a unique wood and black checkered flooring example.

Black and white checkered floor on wood in entryway via @lisa_tharp


Checkered floor tiles also work really well in the bathroom.

Black and white checkered floor tiles in the bathroom via @laurenpressey


These floors were glossed over to give them a shiny and upscale look.

Black and white checkered tile floors in long hallway below staircase

Breakfast Nooks and Kitchens

I personally love the black and white checkered kitchen floor look the most! It gives the room a French feel to it.

Black and white checkered floor in the kitchen and dining nook
Black and white checkered floor in the kitchen via Mark Maresca
Mark Maresca

This is a gorgeous Scandinavian kitchen with grid checkerboard floors.

Scandinavian kitchen with black and white tiling
Fixer Upper Breakfast Nook with Black and White Checkered Tile Floor via Joanna Gaines
Joanna Gaines

What do you think of this flooring trend? Which room would you install checkered tiling in your home?



  1. I LOVE black and white checkerboard floors – always wanted one in the kitchen of my 1900 shotgun home. I’d love the look of a “worn” and lived on floor. My kitchen is square with Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue walls, white cabinets and SS appliances. How would I know what size the squares should be? I’ve actually thought about painting the vinyl floor. Lots of thoughts – head spins with decisions. Thank you, my favorite is the Scandinavian Kitchen.

    1. I also adore the look of black and white checker floors! Good question about the tiles – it looks like most of the prettier ones are about one foot squared! I’m sure you could ask your local hardware shop for advice :) Good luck with your remodel!

  2. I am trying to replace a vinyl black and white checkered floor I put in my kitchen 20 years ago. Can’t find it now. Can you share where to purchase last 2 pictured ? Looking for high quality vinyl or ceramic 12×12. Not as concerned with price as how it looks.

    Linda Murphy

  3. LOVE! I already have this style in my entryway and kitchen. My kitchen has an Art Deco 50’s vibe and it’s perfect. I have had this for 10 years! So glad it’s popular. I picked what I really loved and I saw this look in many tv shows from the Art Deco era.

  4. Yes please, I love this look but cannot find vinyl tiles that are not peel and stick. Or linoleum even better. Please direct me to where I can purchase floor tiles for kitchen much like those pictured in last 2 photos.

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