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Austin, Texas has emerged as a hub for creative talent over the past decade. This vibrant city attracts artists, musicians, designers, and all types of creatives who are drawn to the laidback culture and collaborative spirit. It’s no surprise that Austin is also home to some of the most talented interior designers in the country. In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to my picks for the top interior design firms and talented individual designers based in Austin. These creative professionals are shaping stunning residential and commercial spaces throughout the city and beyond.

Whether you’re looking to reimagine your home, office, restaurant, or other space, you’re sure to find an Austin interior designer who can bring your vision to life while capturing the essence of this one-of-a-kind city. The designers featured here have curated aesthetics that reflect both Austin’s roots and its contemporary culture. I’m excited to showcase these designers’ work and connect you with the best interior talent that Austin has to offer! The post will give an overview of each featured designer along with examples of their projects and insights into their design philosophies and influences. Keep reading for an inside look at the incredible interior designers that make Austin such a design destination.

Claire Zinnecker

As a contributor to the popular blog Camille Styles, Claire Zinnecker knows a lot about design. She’s the owner of a boutique design firm based in Austin, Texas where she designs and styles everything from fashion boutiques to pastel-hued homes. Her style is marked by minimal, casual furniture with the occasional mid-century piece. Here are a few of my favorite examples of her work!

Claire Zinnecker Blue velvet couch with white paneling
Claire Zinnecker Hanging chairs and pastel furniture living room
Claire Zinnecker Pink sofa with wicker coffee table
Claire Zinnecker Grey couch with geometric rug
Claire Zinnecker Blue sofa with black and white rug
Claire Zinnecker Blue velvet sofa with fireplace and marble coffee table
Claire Zinnecker Blue velvet sofa with gallery wall
Claire Zinnecker White couch against brick wall
Claire Zinnecker Brown Leather couch with rug and poof
Claire Zinnecker Mint Green Brick Wall


Claire Zinnecker White sheets with black flower photo
Claire Zinnecker Bedroom with hats on the wall
Claire Zinnecker Blue bed with Prada marfa artwork

Kitchen & Dining

Claire Zinnecker Wooden Kitchen with Gold Faucet
Claire Zinnecker Dining room with chestnut brown table
Claire Zinnecker Wood cabinet kitchen with Pink rug
Claire Zinnecker Dining room with pastel purple chairs
Claire Zinnecker White tile kitchen with silver stove
Claire Zinnecker Wooden floor kitchen nook with black chairs


Claire Zinnecker White bathroom with Industrial Sink
Claire Zinnecker Bathroom with turquoise floor tiling
Claire Zinnecker Marble bathroom with silver finishings
Claire Zinnecker White and blue Bathrooms with Pink Flowers
Claire Zinnecker Bathroom with small rug
Claire Zinnecker Fur stool in a White bathroom
Claire Zinnecker White bathroom with black flower tiles
Claire Zinnecker White Bathroom with Blue Tiling


Claire Zinnecker Desk with pink chair and colorful rug


Claire Zinnecker Brown sideboard with gold lamps
Claire Zinnecker Natural wood shelving with records
Claire Zinnecker Vintage chandelier with black and white wallpaper
Claire Zinnecker White and Brown Gallery Wall
Claire Zinnecker Fireplace with white candles and bull skull taxidermy
Claire Zinnecker Marble coffee table styling
Claire Zinnecker Wooden sideboard and golden lamps with art

Adelante Boutique

Claire Zinnecker Adelante Boutique_2
Claire Zinnecker Adelante Boutique_8
Claire Zinnecker Adelante Boutique_9

Images via Claire Zinnecker, Molly, Kate, & Nick

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