15 Most Patriotic 4th of July Decorations to Celebrate Independence Day

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for. That’s why I decided to come up with a list of 4th of July decorations you must have to decorate your home with this July. From red white and blue to sparklers and fireworks, there are so many different ways that you can celebrate our nation’s independence this 4th of July. Let’s go over some of the popular Independence Day decorations that you can use to create a patriotic home. These patriotic home decorations are sure to make everyone in your family excited to celebrate the birth of America.

4th of July Decorations

Here are some ideas for must-have 4th of July decorations you can use inside and outside the home! Be sure to read our post on the best 4th of July home decor ideas as well for more inspiration as you decorate your home.

List of 4th of July Decorations

Paper plates

We like celebrating the 4th of July with BBQs and parties, and what better way than to use patriotic paper plates. While you could use ordinary paper plates, many people are using thicker cardboard-like paper that is pressed paper fiber. These can easily be recycled and hold lots of food without being too flimsy. You can go for a very patriotic American flag paper plates or go with the uncolored white plates so you can draw festive stars and stripes on the edges of each one!

American Flag Patriotic Paper Plates

Party cups

Party cups are great for any indoor or outdoor event since they can also be recycled if they’re made from plastic. Paper cups with plastic liners aren’t recommended since this liner can be recycled so easily. Have some sharpie pens handy so your guests can write their names on each cup. This makes it easier to not lose your cup so easily when their name is written on them.

American Flag cups

Festive napkins

Napkin decorations can spice up the mood when you arrange them just the right way. A simple stack of napkins can be twisted so that they resemble spiral shapes simply by using your fist and making a twisting motion while pushing down lightly over a stack. These make impressive 4th of July decorations with fireworks-like starbursts.

4th of July Napkins

Patriotic tablecloth

Decorative tablecloths with 4th of July icons and images are always welcome at any family celebration. Wind and sudden gusts can cause a tablecloth to fly off of an outdoor table. Using decorative ribbon left over from Christmas can tie down the corners using red, white, or blue pieces. This also gives a more decorative appeal to your festive table setup.

4th of July tablecloth


You want to have something that represents your patriotism and this should include a centerpiece. While you want to have something that shows your pride, anything featuring red, white, and blue colors is a real plus. A great edible centerpiece will certainly be a hit if it includes food that is colored appropriately. As long as it’s edible and safely colored with food color, these centerpieces will be a work of art and fun to eat.

4th of July Centerpiece

Large Flags

Of course, large American flags are a welcome sight on the 4th of July and are proudly raised in front of any American home. At outdoor parties, you can bring along your flag which can be draped from flagpoles or over the side of an RV. The US flag can be displayed any way you like as long as you observe the one rule of not letting it touch the ground.

Large American flag Decoration

American history is a fascinating look at the journey of brave forefathers who faced war and struggled to proclaim their independence from ruling British law. What most people may not know is that the initial document by Thomas Jefferson (who drafted the Declaration of independence), essentially established our founding laws! Oddly enough, we are living in an age where history often gets muddied for the very existence that it represents. 

Patriotic Party Favors

Have fun with your guests and encourage them to wear patriotic party favors like red and blue headbands, beaded necklaces, and star sunglasses. They look great in photos! Headbands and buttons are almost always a great party favor, but for something more original you might want to consider party hats that resemble the ones worn by Colonists. These hats are also called Tricorns and are instantly a visual reminder of the popular hats worn during the Revolutionary War. You can’t beat having Uncle Sam hats either. Both can be bought at party supply outlets.

4th of July Accessories party favors

Fireworks & Sparklers

While we often think about the nighttime fireworks, sparklers are about as patriotic as they get. These make excellent decorations on a cake or sitting atop muffins. To get them to stick better into a cake you can make little corkscrews on the lower rod and twist them into the soft spongy cake. They also make a safe alternative for kids to celebrate without too much worry.


In the time that the Declaration was signed in 1776 through 1783, the original 13 colonies actively sought to defend their freedom from British soldiers. This is why the freedom to bear arms was the first level of defense from British soldiers that would invade, steal, and pillage Colonists’ homes. Ironically, the Revolutionary War had begun in 1775 in the Battle of Lexington.

Patriotic Blankets

Any outdoor party will need blankets if it gets too cold outside. There are plenty of patriotic colors that you can add to your outdoor furniture or drape over chairs. Your guest can also use these blankets to put down on the grass while you watch the fireworks.

Patriotic Blankets

Red, White, and Blue String Lights

Thanks to LED lights that run on a couple of AA batteries, you can find string lights that can be placed anywhere you have your party. These colors also add a bit of flair to your party if they sparkle or have different sequencing and flashing. They also make great 4th of July decorations since they can be strung up along fences or across a yard. Try wrapping them around your buffet table or along tree branches. This red white and blue string light set is very patriotic!

4th of july red white blue string lights decor

Patriotic Bunting

A classic way to decorate the edges of your house or the bannister of your front porch is by using bunting! This decoration is a traditional 4th fo July decorations that you can’t forget about.

Patriotic Bunting

Americana Ribbons

The is old-school decoration of Americana ribbons always has nostalgic appeal for several reasons. Take lengths of red, white, and blue and cut them into one-meter-long strips. Using a stapler, you can attach them together and create flowing ribbons of color hanging everywhere. You can also make large bows to decorate the top using some DIY bow-making ideas from Youtube.

Americana Ribbons

Independence Day Banners

Having a patriotic banner at your party is all about giving a theme of what the 4th of July means to you. But all of the traditional images we love to see can include stars and stripes, little flags, and art images of fireworks. You can easily make these using your home printer and stapled to string that is attached to fences or taped to your wall. Print out little US flags and space them evenly along these strings too.

Independence Day USA Banners

4th of July Wreath

You definitely need a great 4th of July wreath to welcome guests into your home this summer. I found this beautiful burlap wreath below which has a very Americana old farmhouse feel to it!

4th of July wreath

Patriotic Doormat

Another must-have patriotic decoration is a good doormat. You always want a place for guests to wipe their feet before entering your home and the 4th of July holiday is no exception. You can purchase a great doormat that has the American flag on it or stars and stripes for example. This one says ‘welcome’ in a very patriotic way!

Patriotic Door Mat

It took an entire year to draft the official Declaration from the British ruling system, which affected Americans over the next 8 years. Despite this, after the signing of this proclamation, the 4th of July was celebrated every year since 1777. This is officially celebrated with a 13 gun salute which signifies the original 13 Colonies, and their fight for independence. Today, we celebrate this day as a reminder of our freedom and independence with family and friends.

4th of July History

The 4th of July is all about patriotism and the celebration of the freedom that our original European founders had bravely fought for. But it’s a special day where Americans can celebrate each other for taking pride in their country too. It has no boundaries since the descendants of Europe came from several countries around the world. The 4th of July represents the solidarity and unity of America and all of its citizens.

I hope this list of 4th of July decorations helped you organize your holiday decorating this summer. Are there any other amazing patriotic decorations that we didn’t think of? Let us know in the comments below!

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