22 Gorgeous Wide Dressers For All Budgets

22 Gorgeous Wide Dressers For All Budgets

Black wide dresser with gold handles in Bedroom


Have you ever looked at an empty dresser and thought wow, that’s a tone of space! but then once you actually start to fill it with clothes you realize there actually isn’t a ton of room in there? Well, this post is for you! If you’re ready to buy another dresser for more storage, (or maybe this is your first dresser purchase?), then this list should give you a nice idea of the best options. Wide dressers make amazing purchases for the bedroom because they provide ample top counter space to decorate, or keep any belongings you don’t want to stuff away. They also help a room appear bigger since they are so far from eye-level for the average adult.

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Wide Dressers We Love

These dressers are the most affordable yet chic ones we’ve found online. They’re solid picks that would best be used lightly. Ideal for first-time apartments and guest bedrooms.

The Best Wide Dressers Under $500

Gilford 6 Drawer Dresser - Threshold Shelby 10 Drawer Dresser Cookie 6 Drawer Double Dresser Latitude Low White Dresser Tvilum Austin 8-Drawer Dresser South Shore Fynn 6-Drawer Gray Oak Dresser

These dressers are slightly more expensive, but worth the investment because their durability will save you time and money in the future!

Best Wide Dressers Under $1000

Lonny Wide Dresser Reclaimed Wood + Lacquer 6-Drawer Dresser Metalwork 6-Drawer Dresser, Hot Rolled Metal Shagreen Embossed Low Dresser Odessa low white gloss dresser Audrey 6-Drawer Dresser

Finally, if you’re ready to make an investment in a solid wide dresser, then this section is for you. These pieces will stand the test of time and prove to be lovely additions to your forever home!

Our Favorite Contemporary Wide Dressers

Harley Hollywood Regency Studded White Lacquer Mirror Dresser Assam Global White Wash Metal Accent Dresser Thera Modern Lacquered Raffia Dresser - White Pierson Wide Dresser Galen Regency Natural Grasscloth Chow Dresser - 4 Drawer PoliVaz Elegant 6 Drawer Mirrored Dresser in Gold Trim Finish Kiowa Brass Gingko Polished Ivory Dresser Abbyson Living Francesca 7 Drawer Dresser and Mirror Set in Gold Crawford Hollywood White Leather Nailhead Dresser Ottavia Regency Ivory Lacquer Tan Shagreen Dresser - 8 Drawer

Gray wide dresser with metallic knobs


Minimal white wide dresser

Homey Oh My

White dresser with gold ring pulls and Paris art


IKEA white dresser styling

Home Design Labs

Which is your favorite?

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