{styled space} Modern Elegance | Christine Dovey

{styled space} Modern Elegance | Christine Dovey

In a dramatic uplift this past spring, Christine Dovey of Toronto has completely remade her client’s living room in the most elegantly chic way possible! The makeover was accomplished in just six short weeks, as part of a One Room Challenge. She chose an elegant combination of pale pink, black, grey and white as her color palette, all of which blossomed into a beautifully curated space together. From the moulded walls, to the herringbone fireplace, to the tabletop accents, it’s very clear that the elegance of this room lies in its details…

Christine Dovey Living Room 1

“When I started this project, my grandiose dreams centered around the rather fabulous idea of creating an elegant and refined room befitting of my client’s amazing square grand piano. Soaked in history and huge in both scale and presence, I knew that I needed to design a space that would allow the piano to take center stage but also give the rest of the room some sort of purpose. And of course, I wanted the place to be pretty, and by pretty, I mean: modern, layered, edgy and dramatic. What I really wanted was a room that made all the pieces in it feel important, and of course, I wanted art… lots and lots of art.

– Christine Dovey

Christine Dovey Living Room 9

Christine Dovey Living Room 3

Christine Dovey Living Room 4

Christine Dovey Living Room 5

Christine Dovey Living Room 6

Christine Dovey Living Room 7

Christine Dovey Living Room 2

Check out the original reveal on Christine’s blog, Bijou & Boheme!

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