12 Lovely Indoor House Trees

12 Lovely Indoor House Trees
Large indoor tree with rattan Peacock Chair


The first time I ever wanted an indoor house plant was after watching the scene in Legally Blonde, where Elle’s Harvard dormitory had a gorgeous green palm tree next to her pink chair (see here). The tree fit in perfectly with her Hawaiian sunset wall mural and her California vibe. Below I’ve rounded up twelve of my favorite picks if you’re ready to include this trend in your home. Indoor house trees give any room a more natural, bohemian and relaxed feeling. If you’re not into the maintenance of keeping up with a live tree, don’t worry, the trees I’ve selected are “nearly natural” meaning they are, well, fake trees!

1. Biggy Bamboo Silk Tree – 2. Areca Palm Tree in Pot – 3. 5-ft Kentia Palm Tree – 4. Twiggy Bamboo Tree in Pot – 5. Ficus Tree – 6. Bamboo Palm Silk Tree – 7. Bamboo Palm Emerald Tree – 8. 4-ft Bamboo Silk Plant – 9. 6 1/2-ft Silk Golden Cane Palm Tree – 10. Ficus Tree – 11. 6-ft Silk Kentia Palm Tree – 12. English Ivy Spiral Tree

Erin Barrett Indoor House Tree in Living Room

Glitter Guide

Large palm on dining table with scandinavian chairs


Indoor palm tree inside white interior


Indoor house trees in the bathroom


Set of indoor house palms with pink oriental rug


Interior Tree near fireplace

Brown Design Inc.

Indoor palm next to orange sofa


Indoor tree next to wood shelving

Ivy Muse

Large palm tree inside bohemian dining room


Large palm tree inside white urn via The Happy Hill Blog

The Happy Hill Blog

Indoor house plant near black frame windows via Alyssa Rosenheck

Alyssa Rosenheck

Indoor house tree with gray malin beach art photo via Marianna Hewitt

Marianna Hewitt

Do you have an indoor house tree or plant in your home?

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