Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas and Design Tips

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. It’s where meals are prepared, families gather, and memories are made around the table. When it comes to ideal kitchen design, there are so many factors to consider from cabinetry to countertops and flooring. But don’t overlook the power of wallpaper when it comes to bringing personality and visual interest to your kitchen walls.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best kitchen wallpaper ideas that can transform the look and feel of your cooking space. From bold geometric patterns to delicate floral designs, wallpaper offers an easy and affordable way to make a stylish statement in your kitchen.

The right wallpaper can enhance the architecture, bring life to a neutral palette, or visually widen a narrow galley kitchen. Wallpaper is also a great way to showcase your personal style and design aesthetic.

So if you’re looking to give your kitchen walls a fresh new look, stay tuned for some inspiring wallpaper ideas and tips that will liven up your kitchen and make it a more enjoyable space for cooking, dining, and connecting with loved ones. The heart of your home deserves to be stylish and beautiful!

Best Types of Kitchen Wallpaper

What type of wallpaper is best for kitchens? For kitchens, vinyl wallpaper is often recommended due to its durability and ease of cleaning. Unlike other types of wallpaper, vinyl is water-resistant and can withstand the humidity and occasional splashes that are common in kitchens. It is also easier to wipe clean compared to more porous materials like paper or fabric.

Some people opt for washable or scrubbable vinyl wallpaper, which can be gently cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. Avoid textured wallpapers that can trap dirt and grease.

Lighter colors can make the space feel larger, while bolder designs can serve as an accent wall. Always consider the wallpaper’s compatibility with your kitchen’s conditions before making a decision.

Best Kitchen Wall Colors

The “best” color for kitchen walls greatly depends on the amount of natural light the space receives. Some commonly recommended colors for kitchens include shades of white, gray, and light blue. These colors are often chosen for their ability to make a space feel clean and bright. White and light colors can also make a small kitchen appear larger and more open. Neutrals can serve as a backdrop for bolder colors used in accents or accessories.

Warmer colors like reds or yellows can add a cozy, inviting feel but are generally best used in moderation. Test a few different colors in the actual kitchen space before making a final decision, as lighting can significantly affect how a color appears.

Consider the existing elements in the kitchen, such as kitchen cabinets and countertops, when choosing a wall color to create a cohesive look.

Blue Kitchen Wallpaper

Blue wallpaper can bring a sense of calm and serenity to a kitchen. It’s a versatile choice that pairs well with a variety of cabinet and countertop colors. Lighter shades can make the kitchen feel more open and airy, while darker blues can add depth and richness to the space.

Blue floral kitchen wallpaper unearthedinteriors

Green Kitchen Wallpaper

Green is often associated with freshness and can bring a natural, soothing vibe to a kitchen. Light greens can brighten the space, while darker shades can add elegance. Green wallpaper can work particularly well in kitchens that have natural wood elements or are outfitted with plants.

Green kitchen wallpaper ideas Hamptons House Design
Hamptons House Design

Floral Kitchen Wallpaper

Floral patterns can add a lively, decorative element to a kitchen. They can range from subtle, small-scale patterns to bold, large-scale designs. Floral wallpaper often works best as an accent wall or in smaller spaces to avoid overwhelming the room. It can add a touch of femininity or rustic charm, depending on the style of the floral design.

A gorgeous multi-color floral paper serves as a backsplash for the navy blue kitchen cabinets and shiny marble countertop.

Marble Kitchen Counter, Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets And Floral Wallpaper Behind Brass Sink
Designer’s Guild via Domino

Is Kitchen Wallpaper in Style?

Wallpaper in kitchens has seen a resurgence in popularity, particularly with the advent of modern, stylish designs and improved materials. Wallpaper can add texture, color, or pattern to a kitchen, making it a way to personalize the space. Trends have shifted towards bold patterns and colors, as well as unique textures.

However, broader design trends can change over time. If considering wallpaper for your kitchen, take a look at current design publications or professionals for the most up-to-date advice!

Here at Curated Interior, we love wallpapered kitchens and can’t wait to share more ideas with you!


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