Home Bar

Design the perfect home bar for your residence.

What is a home bar?

A home bar is a small bar setup in the home, usually for entertainment and hosting guests. Some key things that can be part of a home bar include:

  • Bar counter/work area – This provides a surface for mixing drinks and serving. It can be a dedicated bar counter or table or just a kitchen countertop.
  • Alcohol storage – Most home bars have storage for spirits, wine, beer, mixers, etc. This may be in the form of a cabinet, wine rack, small fridge, etc.
  • Barware – This includes equipment for mixing and serving drinks such as a cocktail shaker, bar spoon, strainer, ice bucket, glassware, etc. Proper barware helps craft professional quality cocktails.
  • Stools/seating – Having some bar stools or chairs at the counter creates a place for guests to sit and be served.
  • Decor – Things like shelving to display glassware and liquor bottles, bar signs, lighting, coasters, napkins, etc. can make a home bar area feel more refined.
  • Mixers and garnishes – Having juice, tonic, club soda, lemons, limes, olives on hand allows for making a range of drinks to serve guests.

The key purpose of a home bar is to have everything conveniently located for serving guests drinks and recreating a bar-like social experience as entertainment at home. It can be as simple or complex as space and budget allow you to create!

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