Decorating with Bust Statues at Home Like a Designer

Sculptural accents like busts can add elegance and drama to any room. In this blog post, we’ll explore creative ways to incorporate bust statues into your home decor. From grand entranceways to cozy libraries, a strategically placed bust can be the perfect finishing touch.

Busts with a patinated, antique-looking finish work especially well for traditional decor, while sleek, modern busts made of materials like resin or metal can provide an unexpected contemporary twist.

No matter your personal style, bust statues are a unique way to display art while paying homage to iconic figures. Read on for tips, inspiration, and a shoppable selection of beautiful busts that will elevate your interior design.

Where to Buy Decorative Busts

Bust statues, a typical piece of decor you might find in a 19th-century home, are making a comeback in interior design. While I personally love the Romanesque-style statues, you can actually buy busts of modern-day figures like Lincoln and even FDR!

Here are some good places to buy bust statues and other sculptural decor for your home:

  • Wayfair – This massive retailer has a wide selection of busts and sculptural accents, from classic marble Roman busts to more modern and abstract designs. They offer busts of figures like David, Athena, Caesar, and more.
  • Ballard Designs – For more traditional and vintage-inspired bust statues, Ballard Designs is a great source. Look for busts made of materials like stone, cement, or Cold Cast resin. Subjects range from classical portraits to animals.
  • Home Depot – The national home improvement store carries affordable busts in materials like marble and polyresin. You’ll find bust art depicting figures from history, mythology, literature and more. They have a lot of smaller desktop-sized busts.
  • Target – For contemporary and globally-inspired bust statues, check out Target’s collection. They have options like carved wood Buddha heads, black resin busts, and metallic gold finish Egyptian statues.
  • Etsy – The handmade marketplace has thousands of vintage, antique, and handcrafted bust statues from independent sellers. Great for finding unique statement pieces.

Be sure to measure your space carefully to ensure the bust you choose is scaled appropriately. And don’t forget the pedestal or stand to properly display your new bust statue!


Bust Statue Decor Ideas

Here are some creative ideas for where to display bust statues in your home decor:

  • Entryway/Foyer – A large statement bust on a console or pedestal can make an elegant first impression. Try a marble Roman column bust.
  • Living Room – Place a bust on a bookshelf, side table, or fireplace mantle. Opt for a subject that fits the room’s vibe, like Shakespeare in a library-style living room.
  • Dining Room – A bust of a food-related figure, like Bacchus, the god of wine, makes clever dining room decor. Place on a buffet or in a corner.
  • Bedroom – Give your bedroom a refined feel with a bust on a dresser or nightstand. Busts of Greek gods and goddesses work well in bedrooms.
  • Office/Study – Honor great thinkers and leaders with busts of people like Plato, Mark Twain or Winston Churchill in your home office.
  • Bathroom – Marble busts of Neptune, Poseidon or other water-related mythological figures make fitting and elegant bathroom decor.
  • Garden/Patio – Weather-resistant busts like stone or concrete are ideal for outdoor display. Place a bust of Athena or Artemis in your garden.
  • Hallway – Line a long hallway with bust statues in alternating wall niches for a gallery-like look. Try different materials and subjects.

Get creative with bust placement – they can even add a unique touch atop bookshelves or fireplace mantels. Just be sure the bust has a proper base for secure display.

You’ll often find busts above fireplaces, but they can also work really well on a shelf or bookcase.

White romanesque bust statue on fireplace in NYC via Donna Dotan Photography
Donna Dotan Photography
White Bust on Fireplace living room via The Design Co
The Design Co
Large white bust on fireplace in dark wall living room via GAP Interiors
GAP Interiors
White bust in modern traditional colonial living room with painted moulding via Rambling Renovators
Rambling Renovators
Christine Dovey Living Room with white bust on column
Christine Dovey

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