10 Best White Dinner Plates to Add to Your Collection

Searching for the perfect set of white dinner plates for your table? A crisp white plate is a timeless foundation piece for any tablescape. The right white plates can elevate your dining experience, adding an air of casual elegance and sophistication to everyday meals and special occasion dinners alike.

I’ll share my picks for the best white dinner plates across a range of styles and budgets. Whether you prefer classic and simple, modern and sleek, or ornate and decorative, you’re sure to find beautiful options to inspire your next table setting makeover. I’ll detail what makes each set stand out, from durable materials to stylish designs.

Read on for my recommendations to find beautiful, high-quality white dinner plates that suit your personal taste and dining needs! Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite go-to white dinner plate set as well!

Best White Dinner Plates

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How to Choose the Right Dinner Plates

What are the best kind of dinner plates? There are a few key factors to consider when choosing the best dinner plates:

Material – Plates come in a variety of materials like porcelain, stoneware, bone china, melamine, etc. Porcelain and stoneware tend to be most durable for everyday use. Bone china has an elegant, translucent quality but requires more careful handling. Melamine is lightweight and breaks less easily but may scratch over time.

Style – Plates come in different styles like round, square, coupe (curved sides), rimmed, and rimless. Round is the most classic and common. Square and coupe offer something a bit different. Rimmed plates have a lip to help contain food while rimless have a cleaner, more modern look.

Weight – Heavier plates tend to be better quality and more durable. Lighter plates may chip or break more easily. A good weight provides stability while eating.

Size – Standard dinner plates range from 10-12 inches, but you can find more variation for specific purposes. Larger 12-inch plates allow ample space for main courses. Smaller appetizer-sized plates are useful for portion control.

Design – Decorated vs plain white plates depends on your aesthetic. Plain white offers versatility. Patterns, borders, or colored plates introduce personality.

Budget – Higher end plates may cost $50+ per piece for fine china or artisan wares. Mass market plates often range $5-25 per piece. Set a budget for affordability and longevity.

The “best” plates ultimately depends on your needs and preferences. Focus on finding good quality plates in a style and material you enjoy within your desired price range.

White plates are a must-have in any kitchen!

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