28 of the Best Cutting Boards For Your Kitchen

The best cutting boards are thick and strong boards typically used in the kitchen during cooking preparation. Many people choose to cut vegetables and other food on plates, but this can be messy and damage a plate. Enter the cutting board! Wood is the most common material for cutting boards although you can also find other materials used like plastic and marble. A cutting board is truly an essential part of your kitchen so as to prevent knife marks when cutting food. The board will absorb these marks and if it’s of wood, will typically “heal” over time. They come in varying widths and sizes.

Cutting Boards

Below, we’ve rounded up a list of the best cutting boards you can find online!

State & Country Shaped Cutting Boards

Here are some cool cutting boards that are actually shaped like your favorite states and countries!

1, 2, 3. State Shaped Cutting Boards

These state-shaped cutting boards make the perfect gifts! Each board is designed in Brooklyn, NY and produced locally in the United States. Made of sturdy bamboo, they are sure to last a long time in your kitchen. Find California, Texas, and New York, and check out all the other states here.

California Shaped Cutting Board
Texas shaped cutting board

4. USA Board

USA Shaped Cutting Board

These bamboo country-shaped cutting boards are also produced by Etsy’s AHeirloom. Many different countries are available for purchase in addition to the USA and France. I love the idea of giving these as a gift for a destination wedding!

5. France Board

France Shaped Cutting Board

Wood Cutting Board in Marble Kitchen
Studio McGee & Kate Osborne

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Shaped Cutting Boards

Whale Cutting board

6. Whale Cutting Board

An adorable whale-shaped cutting board is perfect for a coastal kitchen! At 21″, it’s long enough to use the tail as a handle!

Rustic Farmhouse Pig Cheese Board

7. Farmhouse Pig Cutting Board

Love this cute pig-shaped cutting board that doubles as a serving board! Made of durable acacia wood.

Pineapple Shape Marble Board

8. Pineapple Shape Marble Board

This pineapple cutting board is half marble, half wood – the perfect material combination for this tropical style board.

Heart-shaped Cutting Board

9. Heart-shaped Cutting Board

Check out this heart-shaped board for the newlyweds! Goes great with this heart-shaped wooden spoon as well!

Marble Cutting Boards

10. Marble + Wood Cutting Paddle Board

Marble + Wood Cutting Board - Paddle

I love this sleek round marble + wood combo cutting board. The marble keeps food cool while the wood is great for slicing!

11. Marble + Wood Cutting Board, Large

Marble + Wood Cutting Board - Large

Another chic design from West Elm – a rectangular shape with cut edges.

12. Plain Marble Stripe & Wood Board

Plain Marble Stripe & Wood Board

A marble stripe down this wood cutting board make it great for slicing and serving!

13. Marble + Wood Cutting Board – Square

Marble + Wood Cutting Board - Square

A large marble surface makes up this beautiful square cutting board

14. Marble + Wood Cutting Board – Rectangular

Marble + Wood Cutting Board - Rectangle

A long and thin variation of the marble and wood cutting board.

15. Creative Co-op Pink Marble and Mango Wood Cheese Board

Pink Marble and Mango Wood Board

Couldn’t resist sharing this lovely blush pink marble cutting board! Perfect for any girl.

16. Pure Marble Cutting Board

Pure Marble Cutting Board

If you’re looking for a simple, plain white marble round cutting board then this is the one for you!

Wood Cutting Boards

17. 3 Piece Cutting Board Set

Wayfair Basics 3 Piece Cutting Board Set

At less than $12, this is one of the more affordable options for a cutting board set.

18. Wireslice cheese slicing cutting board

Wireslice Bamboo Cheese Slicing Board by True

Cutting boards with integrated stainless steel wire slicers are very practical these days – try this affordable one, only $13!

19. Plank Cutting Board, Olivewood

Plank Cutting Board, Olivewood

This olivewood cutting board is naturally odor and stain resistant. It’s handcrafted and can easily be hung for storage. The natural edges give it a rustic unique feel. Each board is unique.

20. Large Ambrosia Maple Wood Cutting Board

Large Ambrosia Maple Wood Cutting Board

Handmade by Specialty Wood Designs, these unique cutting boards are sure to show the variations in natural wood.

21. Shun Hinoki Cutting Board, Small

Shun DM0814 Hinoki Cutting Board

Shun is a brand known for its exquisite knives so it only makes sense to purchase a high-quality cutting board from them as well. Made from hinoki, a Japanese cypress, its soft nature is perfect for preserving fine cutlery.

22. Olive Wood Rustic Cutting Board

Olive Wood Rustic Cutting Board

Olive wood is known for its durability and beautiful grains.

23. RoRo Hand Crafted End Grain Cutting Board with Bark Made From Sustainable Wood

RoRo Hand Crafted End Grain Cutting Board with Bark Made From Sustainable Wood

Made from sustainable wood, this beautiful wood features bark around the edges and resembles a tree trunk!

24. Wooden Carving Board with Well

Wooden Carving Board with Well

An affordable price for a solid wood cutting board with a well on the edges to catch any juices

25. Bamboo 3 Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Bamboo 3 Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set

As a bestseller on Amazon, you can’t go wrong with this three-piece cutting board set for $13.

Plastic Cutting Boards

26. Antibacterial Cutting Board

Antibacterial Cutting Board

Designed to prevent bacterial growth, this cutting board is made of durable polypropylene. It features a well for overflowing juices as well.

27. 3-Piece Dishwasher Safe Plastic Cutting Board Set

3-Piece Dishwasher Safe Plastic Cutting Board Set with Non-Slip Feet and Drip Juice Groove

The rubber feet on the edges of these plastic cutting boards prevent it from sliding around on your counter.

28. KUKPO Innovative Design Cutting Board

KUKPO Innovative Design Cutting Board

With an innovative design, this cutting board is very unique, allowing it to fold so contents can be easily slid off without losing any! Easily wash it in the dishwasher.

Kitchen Cutting Board Ideas

Wood Cutting Board in white kitchen via Studio McGee
Studio McGee
Marble kitchen with wood cutting boards
Sarah Sherman Samuel
Wood cutting boards in the kitchen
Big round wooden cutting board via Alyssa Rosenheck and SMP Living
Alyssa Rosenheck / SMP Living
Natural wood cutting board on marble countertop via Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson

What cutting board would you recommend?


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