A Serene Marble Bathroom With a Freestanding White Tub

A Serene Marble Bathroom With a Freestanding White Tub

I’ve seen this gorgeous bathroom pop up in my Pinterest news feed a few times, and finally decided to share it. I think I’d take a nice long bubble bath nearly every evening if this bathroom was in my home! From the wall and floor marble tiling to the crystal chandelier above the tub, the space exudes relaxed glamour.

White bathtub with blue garden stool

Freestanding white bathtub with crystal chandelier

Gold circular mirror in white bathroom

Marble bathroom floor tiles

Marble bathroom vanity with gold mirror

Marble tile bathroom floors

Walk-in shower with marble walls

White bathroom vanity with brass pulls

Pink peonies next to bathtub

Rattan stool with pink peonies near bathtub

House of Jade

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