3 Classic Color Themes for Your Christmas Tree

3 Classic Color Themes for Your Christmas Tree

If colorful Christmas trees aren’t your thing, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too! Here are three of our favorite classically Christmas themes for your tree. These styles won’t shock your holiday guests and of course they will make for much less distracting Christmas photos! :)

1. White

White is a classic Christmas color to decorate your tree with. Maybe you have snow on the ground outside your home this holiday (or maybe you wish you did!) and wish to replicate that winter wonderland look inside your home. White is a great option for celebrating a cozy wintery holiday. As you can see in the examples below, a white tree pairs best with silver ornaments and wallpaper, but black is another possible option. Monika Hibbs does a great job topping her white tree with a gold star.

White Christmas Tree via craftberrybush.com

Source: Craftberry Bush

White Christmas Tree via foxhollowcottage.com

Source: foxhollowcottage.com

White Christmas Tree via Homey Oh My

Source: Homey Oh My

White Christmas Tree via Monika Hibbs - Style at Home

Source: Monika Hibbs / Style at Home

White & Silver Christmas Tree

Source: Pier1

White Christmas Tree via Cherished Bliss

Source: Cherished Bliss

2. Gold

Gold is an absolutely festive and glamorous pick for a Christmas tree color theme. The metallic color evokes a sense of coziness and warmth, like the golden flames of a fireplace. This theme works best in a room with a neutral or camel-colored couch. I particularly love how the gold tree looks next to the vintage gold mirror in Courtney’s home!

Gold Christmas Tree with Black Bow

Source: Bliss at Home

Modern Gold Decor Christmas Tree

Source: unknown

Gold Christmas Tree

Source: With Love From Kat

Gold Christmas Tree with Camel Couch

Source: unknown

Gold Christmas Tree French Country Cottage

Source: French Country Cottage

3. Red

What would Christmas be without the color red? From red poinsettias to Santa’s suit, red is one of the most striking and eye-catching colors to decorate with. Green is the most obvious color to pair this style with, but white is also a lovely option to brighten up the tree and reflect the Christmas string lights!

Red Star Christmas Tree via Selina Lake

Source: Selina Lake

Red and Silver Christmas Tree via Craftberry Bush

Source: Craftberry Bush

Red Christmas Tree Ski Lodge via The Lily Pad Cottage

Source: The Lily Pad Cottage

Red Christmas Tree via Martha Stewart

Source: Martha Stewart

Red Country Christmas Tree from New Darlings

Source: New Darlings

Red Christmas Tree via Craftberry Bush

Source: Craftberry Bush

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