12 Darling Table Lamps for Any Room!

12 Darling Table Lamps for Any Room!

Table lamps are the perfect addition to any room that needs a fresh update. Not to mention, as fall arrives, we’ll need artificial light earlier in the day than we did during those long summer days. Below, find twelve gorgeous table lamps you’ll love to cozy up near during the chilly autumn evenings that lie ahead. Depending on your decor color scheme, these can work well next to the sofa, by a comfortable chair or on a nightstand near the bed. Our personal favorites are number four, a beautiful white urn lamp, number two for its simplicity and number twelve for the darling blush color!

Our Favorite Table Lamps

12 Gorgeous Table Lamps!

1. Pink Croc Lamp 2. French Plaster Table Lamp 3. Oakwood Table Lamp with Shade 4. Urn White Table Lamp 5. Neon Pink Acrobat Table Lamp Base 6. Alabaster Table Lamp 7. Yellow Ceramic Paris Lamp 8. Willa Table Lamp 9. Daisy Table Lamp in Turquoise 10. Canton Jar Lamp 11. Castile Table Lamp in Gold Leaf 12. Delft Pink Table Lamp Base

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