Why Hutches are the Perfect Place to Store China in the Dining Room

Hutches - dining room furniture

Hutches are popular furniture items found in the dining room. If you’re thinking about buying a hutch for your space, then keep reading to learn about how to use these large pieces of furniture and make them work in your space.

Hutches are constructed using a base of drawers or cabinets and topped with a layer of shelves that could be open air or enclosed behind a set of glass doors.

Let’s learn a bit more about these awesome storage furniture pieces!


What are hutches used for?

Hutches are used for storing china, special flatware, serving platters, and more. For this reason, they’re also called china cabinets! Some people like to store family heirlooms inside them as they tend to be tucked away from the main parts of the home.

What is the difference between a china cabinet and a hutch?

Hutches are made of several units mixed together like cabinets, a display case, and open shelves, while a china cabinet is crafted as one singular piece of furniture and often features the same interior from top to bottom.

How much do hutches cost?

Hutches are definitely an investment piece. Because they are such bulky pieces of furniture that require a sturdy composition, these pieces can easily cost thousands of dollars. I wouldn’t recommend skimping on your hutch costs, especially if you plan to store breakable china and important family relics inside them!

I hope this post helped you learn more about hutches! Stay tuned for our recommendations on different kinds of hutches for your home!


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