15 Cute Cottage Kitchen Decor Ideas

Cottage kitchens are all about creating a cozy, homey space. One way to achieve this is by incorporating lots of natural elements into your kitchen design. Think rustic wood beams, stone fireplace surrounds, and sisal rugs. Another cottage kitchen must-have is plenty of light. Large windows and skylights help to create a bright and airy feel in cottage kitchens.

If you’re looking for cottage kitchen decor inspiration, look no further. Here are several classic cottage kitchen ideas to get you started.

1. Exposed beams and rustic woodwork are cottage home decor staples. If your cottage kitchen doesn’t have any exposed beams, consider adding some rustic wood accents like wainscoting or a reclaimed wood kitchen island.

Cottage kitchen ideas exposed wood devolkitchens

2. A brick or stone fireplace is another common cottage kitchen element. If you don’t have a real stone fireplace, you can achieve a similar look with a brick or stone wallpaper or mural.

Cottage kitchen ideas brick fireplace midcounty_journal

3. Cottage kitchens are all about being cozy and inviting. To achieve this, incorporate lots of soft floral fabrics and textures into your design. Think plush rugs, chenille throws, and velvet cushions.

Cottage kitchen floral curtains decordesoie

4. The kitchen is the heart of the cottage home, so make it a welcoming space with plenty of seating. A farmhouse table is a perfect addition to any cottage kitchen.

Cottage kitchen decor Windowed Cabinets @joannacosyhome

5. A cottage kitchen wouldn’t be complete without some vintage-inspired elements. Look for antique dishware, glassware, and pottery to add a touch of cottage charm to your kitchen.

Cottage kitchen ideas vintage janesarah1_home_and_family_

6. One way to add cottage style to your kitchen is with a farmhouse sink. Choose a white apron front sink that fits with the overall cottage aesthetic.

Cottage kitchen decor via amberinteriors

7. Cottage kitchens are all about country charm, so don’t be afraid to go bold with your color palette. A cheery yellow or soothing blue will help to create a cottage-inspired space.

Cottage kitchen decorating House & Garden Photo by Owen Gale
House & Garden Photo by Owen Gale

8. To really bring the cottage feel into your kitchen, incorporate natural materials like stone and wood, painted in neutral, light colors.

Cottage kitchen scandinavian style kotisaimaansaaressa

9. Cottage kitchens are known for their cozy, homey feel. To achieve this, keep the kitchen clutter-free and add some personal touches like family photos or cute signs.

Cottage kitchen ewa_home_and_sun

10. Use beadboard as kitchen backsplash in your cottage style kitchen decor.

Cottage kitchen ideas beadboard white_pine_cottage

11. Pale yellow kitchen cabinets are a popular choice for cottage kitchens. They are the same tone as butter!

Cottage kitchen decor Pale yellow cabinets Rasa Mellangarden
Rasa Mellangarden

12. Smeg appliances like refrigerators and toasters are often found in vintage cottage kitchens!

Cottage kitchen decor Smeg appliances floral wallpaper angelvintageinteriors

13. Sage green cabinets are an earthy choice for cottage kitchens.

Cottage kitchen decor Sage Green cabinets @merry_gardens

14. Copper hardware is often found in cottage kitchens and displayed out in the open. From copper pots and pans, antique cookware is popular in cottage homes.

Cottage kitchen Copper cookware candlewoodcottage

15. Last but not least, cottage kitchens wouldn’t be complete without some fresh flowers. Add a pretty bouquet to your kitchen table or windowsill to bring a touch of cottage charm into your home.

Cottage kitchen rustic table myriversidefrenchcottage


  1. Help me to understand this concept of no cabinets only shelving? Who wants to clean shelves or wash dishes before using it, Counter space? where, too much clutter, NO room to cook. I do like the double sink and the pull out table

  2. Every selection was delightful and unique perspective of country style kitchens. Thanks for posting so many versions, well done! Country kitchens are attractive, comforting to sit and enjoy a cuppa waiting for the bread to rise, or chatting with your neighbor. Or, a lovely alternative to cold sterile minimalist design. Naysayers need to lighten up.

  3. I just love the cottage style homes. Know now what to find to have the cottage style look. Thank you very much!

  4. Love these ideas, I live in the UK and have some these elements in my Kitchen. Beadboard and brick I especially love they instantly make the space look more cottage in style. I’m thinking of having a my husband make me a plate rack too I think they it will add more rustic charm.
    Thank you for your ideas

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