18 Brass Kitchen Hardware Picks

Brass is my favorite choice when it comes to kitchen hardware. Brass bar pulls and brass knobs can be lovely additions to both light and dark kitchen cabinets (as seen in the lovely Studio McGee photos on this post).

Although solid brass hardware can be quite expensive, you can opt for a brass finish on metal-based pulls and knobs to keep costs down. I’ve included both in my selections below for the brass hardware I’d love to install in my kitchen!

Brass Bar Pulls

Let’s start off with ten beautiful bar pulls, which can be used on both cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. Personally, I love the minimal look, so you won’t find too much flair in these pulls, but that’s precisely why I love them!

Brass Bar Pulls for the Kitchen Cabinets, Brass Kitchen Hardware

Goldenwarm 15-pack Brushed Brass Cabinet Pull 2.5" 3-1/2" Geo Drawer Pull, Cabinet Knobs, T-Bar Brass Drawer Pulls Soft Industrial 3 in. (76 mm) Bedford Brass Cabinet Pull Hex brass 3" handle 5" Milli Round Bar Brushed Satin Brass Cabinet Knob Kitchen Project Drawer Pull Artesia 3-3/4 in. (96mm) Sedona Bronze Cabinet Pull Adonai Hardware Baara Solid Brass Door Pull (Antique Brass) Italian Designs 6 1/4" Center Bar Pull Successi 11 1/3" Center Bar Pull Goldenwarm 15-pack Brushed Brass Cabinet Pull 10"

Brass Knobs

Brass knobs are going to be noticeably smaller, and I think these work better on lower cabinets and drawers since you really only need a small knob to grab onto to open them, as opposed to a bar pull which may be used by people of varying heights.

Here are eight lovely selections for brass knobs in the kitchen!

Brass Knobs for Kitchen Cabinets, Brass Kitchen Hardware

Kohler K-14484-BGD Purist/Stillness Cabinet Knob, Vibrant Moderne Brushed Gold Boulevard Knob Selene square marble and brass knob Atlas Homewares A865-UB Successi Collection 0.98 Inch Small Square Knob, Vintage Brass Finish Probrico Brushed Brass Modern Cabinet Hardware Handle Pull Kitchen Cabinet T Bar Knobs and Pull Handles Golden - Single Hole - 10 Pack Hex Brass Bar Knob Cosmas 3312BAB Brushed Antique Brass Contemporary Cabinet Hardware Finger Pull - 3/4" Diameter - 10 Pack Artesia 1-3/4 in. Sedona Bronze Bar Cabinet Knob

What do you think about brass kitchens? Do you have brass in your kitchen?

Brass Bar Pulls Black Kitchen Cabinets via Studio McGee
Studio McGee

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