Where to Put a Bench in House [7 Unexpected Spots]

Benches are one of the most underrated pieces of seating furniture. Sitting well below eye-level, they don’t usually grab your attention when you walk into a room, but these lowly pieces of furniture can be some of the most practical for your home.

Whether you’re looking to add extra seating, storage, or just a touch of style, benches are versatile pieces of furniture that can be incorporated throughout the home. Today I’ll explore some unexpected yet functional spots to place a bench in your house.

From the entryway to the bedroom and everywhere in between, a bench can often be worked seamlessly into a space. These are 7 unique areas that you may not have thought of for bench placement, along with style and size recommendations for each location.

Benches are available in varied materials, shapes and sizes, so with a little creativity, they can be customized to suit your home’s needs and aesthetic.

Read on for inspiration on fresh bench placement ideas to help maximize function and flair in your interior design. With an open mind, you’re sure to find the perfect bench spot that you never knew you needed!

Let’s explore the underutilized potential of benches.

1. Entryway

A bench near the entryway is very practical for many homes. If you need a place to sit when you put your shoes on or take them off, an entryway bench can come in handy. You can also use it to drop your bag off when coming home after a long day !

2. End of Bed

The end of bed bench has slowly made its way into the realm of bedroom necessities! If you don’t have a foot board at your bed, then a bench can help tie things together and tuck in your comforter. You can store books on the bedroom bench, or just use it to sit down as you get ready in the morning.

Bedroom Bench via Amber Interiors
Amber Interiors

3. Dining Room Table

If you have little kids, then a bench is a smart choice for your dining room table. Benches are great for kids to get on and off of and they seat more butts than chairs do! You may want to go for a bench with a cushion in this case, as you’ll probably be sitting on it for a bit of time.

Woven leather dining room bench via @ninafreudenberger

4. Hallway

Since benches tend to be long, they go well in a long hallway that you’re not sure how to decorate. Place them below an interesting piece of artwork and voila – you’ve got an eye-catching space!

5. Behind the Sofa

Lastly, this one might be a little less common, but putting a bench behind your sofa is a great way to hide the back of your couch. You can store books and other decorative objects on the bench and give it some charm.

Benches Behind the Sofa via Tessa Neustadt and Alexander Design Build
Tessa Neustadt and Alexander Design Build

6. As a Coffee Table

Have you ever thought of using a bench as a coffee table? Due to their long form and low height, benches are actually great to double as coffee tables!

Narrow Bench as Coffee Table

7. Below a Window

You can put a bench in front of a wall of windows to create a nice spot to relax and take in your views!

Window Bench via @katemarkerinteriors

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